KDrama – Beethoven Virus



Kang Gun Woo is an orchestra conductor in his 40’s. He is an elite workaholic conductor who has a very bad reputation. He is known as someone who will do absolutely anything in order to create the very best music. However, due to his self-righteous and stubborn personality he thinks that only his thoughts are correct which makes him unable to form good relationships with those around him. He meets Du Ru Mi, a violinist, and a trumpet player who has the same name as him, and together they form a love triangle.


Kim Myung Min as Kang Gun Woo (Conductor)
Lee Ji Ah as Du Ru Mi (Violin)
Jang Geun Suk as Kang Gun Woo (Trumpet)

Source: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=657

My Summary:
I’ve spent 2 days to finish this series. The story is about a group of people who love to play musical instruments. They have different background and character but have the same passion in music. In order to be recognized and accepted by others, they have to go through a lot of obstacles and hardships to form their own orchestra. They keep chasing their dreams in what they love the most in the world and that gives them great satisfaction. It’s so inspiring and moving story. It tells you, whatever it is…never give up to pursue your dreams…


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I'm crazy about Kdrama, Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won.
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