K-Drama – Seo Dong Song


Title: Seo Dong Yo
Also known as: Seo Dong’s Song / Ballad of Seo Dong
Genre: Historical Drama, romance
Episodes: 55
Broadcast network: SBS

Year: 2005
Lead Actor: Jo Hyun Jae as King Mu of Paekche & Lee Bo Young as Princess Seonhwa of Silla
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Finally I’ve got the time to watch this drama. I’ve bought the DVD a few months ago but keep on postpone to watch it because it has 55 episodes and I don’t like to watch it part by part. At last I’m able to watch it last week and I’ve got to spend 4 days to finish all 55 episodes and I really like it.

It is a historical story as well as romance that were set in the Paekche Kingdom. It relates to a well known legend in Korea regarding Mu’s marriage (30th king of Paekche) to a princess of Silla (Princess Seonhwa). In this drama, Mu of Paekche appears as the hidden son of King Wideok of Paekche (27th king of Paekche) because his mother is a palace dancer. In order to protect him from danger, his mother move from place to place to avoid from being recognized by their enemies. After the death of his mother, Mu went to Silla and meet with Princess Seonhwa accidentally. During this time, Mu doesn’t know that he is the heir of Paekche kingdom.

The young Seodong (Mu’s childhood name) falls in love with Princess Seonhwa and intentionally spreads a song about the princess and himself among the people. Luckily, the princess also love him, but they have to face many separations and challenges for their love because they come from two rivalry kingdom. But their love win…opss Iโ€™ve given the spoiler for those who are going to watch this drama…but you will cry in the end…at least…I am crying…why? you should watch it yourself..:P

Besides the love story between this couple, the drama also enlighten the story of lower class people rising to the top, the hardship for Seodong (King Mu) to claim his right, betrayal and trust in friendship, dirty politic among nobles and most interesting part is that it focuses on a fierce technology war among kingdom that exist in that time…almost 1,500 years ago…

So if you are k-drama lover and like historical genre, you should not miss to watch this drama…:)


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