KDrama – My Girlfriend is A Gumiho

Title: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho / My girlfriend is a nine-tail fox /Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Director: Boo Sung Chul
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran (My Girl, Couple of Fantasy, You’re Beautiful), Hong Jung Eun
Broadcast network: SBS

The main character Cha Dae Woong(Lee Seung Gi) was raised up by his grandfather and aunty after his parent died. He always get everything that he desire until one day his grandfather decided to make him into a more responsible person and start to discipline him. On his attempt to escape from his grandfather, he stucks at a temple and this immature guy acidentally released a nine-tail fox (Shin Min Ah) who was imprisoned for 500 years. The fox transform into a beautiful woman who follows him around, causing misunderstandings and jealosy from his friends. Although he enjoys the attention from people around him, he is also always in extreme fear that the Gumiho may want to eat his liver in order to become human. Gradually he change into a responsible person from the power of love. But when both of them falls for each other as time goes by, the Gumiho’s past come back to hunt her causing an unexpected twist in their lives and fates.

My Comment:
This is one of my all time favourite drama. Lee Seung Gi’s acting has improved a lot in this series. It really annoyed me when he do immature thing in the earlier episode, he makes me laugh hard with his funny scene and he makes my heart torn when he cried. Shin Min Ah acting also amazing this drama. This is the first time i watched her play as a bright and cheerful girl. She is the perfect actress to be a gumiho and to be paired with Lee Seung Gi. I love ‘hoi couple’ forever.

My favourite song: Losing my mind by Lee Seung Gi & Fox Rain by Lee Sun Hee

Special Info: Hoi couple won the same award last year from this drama:
1) SBS Drama Awards / Best Couple
2) SBS Drama Awards / Top 10 Stars Award
3) SBS Drama Awards / Excellence in Acting (Drama Special)

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One Response to KDrama – My Girlfriend is A Gumiho

  1. excellent drama, love it until today too

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