KDrama – Damo


Title: 조선 여형사 다모(茶母) / Joseon Yeohyeongsa Damo

Also known as: Female Detective Damo / Damo: The Undercover Lady Detective (DVD) / Damo, the Detective in Chosun / The Legendary Police Woman

Genre: Historical, Crime, Romance
Episodes: 14
Broadcast network: MBC
Year: 2003


The drama took place in the Joseon Dynasty. This is the story of Chae Ok who was separated from her brother when she was child. They were children of a nobleman that was accused of treason. Her father was killed and she was forced to live as a slave.

She grew up with a young boy, a son of an honourable man and a mistress, because of his mother status this young boy always being cast away by other nobleman’s kids. It makes them closer and has special feelings for each other. This young boy grew up to become a police commander and very loyal to his job and country.

Despite all the hardships in her life, Chae Ok managed to become a Damo (low ranked woman detective). She has an excellent swordplay skills and a very good investigator, because of that she was loved and respected by her collegue. But, being a damo is not an easy job, she not only fighting crimes but also have to face the inequalities for her status in society because she is a woman and also a slave.

On the other hand, her brother grew up as a rebel leader fighting against society injustice. He was admired by a lot people and has many followers. Both brother and sister fighting against each other without realize that they were siblings.


Joen’s said:

Ha Ji Won is one of my favourite actresses and I have high expectation for this drama. This is the first Sageuk drama that she played before Hwang Jini (2006). She did a good job in portraying Chae Ok a female detective. I can feel the pained feeling of Chae Ok in her love life that cannot fall on love with Hwangbo Yoon because of her social status and also for her forbidden love with Jang Sungbaek. She did most of the stunt actions by herself. This drama full of actions and all the actors played their roles well. This is a good drama and heart breaking at the same time. I will suggest this drama if this is the first time you want to watch Saeguk drama because typical Korean Sageuk drama will have more than 50th episodes.


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