KDrama – Midas


Title: 마이더스 / Midas

Chinese Title : 迈达斯 / 点金神手

Genre: Business, Romance

Episodes: 21

Broadcast network: SBS

Year: 2011


This drama is about the life of people in the mergers & acquisition, stock price manipulation and financial world.

Our hero is Kim Do Hyun (Jang Hyuk) graduated with the best result from Korea’s best university. He grew up with his mother in poverty after his father left home when he was child. His mother passed away when he still in law school. After graduated from law school he was selected to be a partner in one organization own by Yoo’s family. He believes that by joining this organization he can have a stable and comfortable life. However his dreams were shattered when he chose to sells his soul for money.

Lee Jung Yun (Lee Min Jung) is Do Hyun long time lover. She is a beautiful girl with a warm heart. She graduated from nursing school and work in Korea’s best general hospital. She always gave her best in attending her patients, because of her outstanding performance she was selected to work in VIP’s wing.

Yoo In Hye is the eldest daughter of Yoo Pil Sang family, one of chaebols family in Korea. She always feels that she was abandoned by her father because she is the daughter of second wife. She went to USA to further study and got MBA from one of top university there. Then gained experience as securities broker in Wall Street and now she is the president of her own multi-billion dollar hedge fund. She comes back to Korea to show to her family that she also can succeed even without any help from family. Her greed for money and power makes her a coldhearted woman with no romantic experience.

Yoo Myung Joon is Yoo In Hye younger brother. He is a playboy but unlike his sister, he has a delicate character and soft heart. He does not interested in family’s wealth and always believes that money is the reason of his misfortune. One day he found out that he has terminal stage cancer and the nurse who was in-charge of him was Jung Yun. As time goes by, they have created a special relationship between them.

Joen’s said:

This drama is so exciting and makes me hooked on every episode. Looking at how Do Hyun transform from a warm person to cold hearted man really makes me goosebumps. Jung Yun character is so warm and sweet, her decision to stand by Do Hyun until the end, to support him during hard time makes my heart feel at ease. I have mixed feeling at In Hye character, sometimes I feel sorry for her but most of the times she makes me grinding my teeth. She will do anything to achieve her greed ambitions. And Myung Jun is so unfortunate man that can make me cry. All the actors have done a good job. This drama makes me realizes that we will lose everything if our eyes was blinded by Power, Greed & Money.


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