KDrama – The Greatest Love


Title: 최고의 사랑 / Choegoui Sarang / The Greatest Love
Also known as: Best Love
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: MBC
Year: 2011
Gu Ae Jong (Gong Hyo Jin) was a leader of popular idol group 10 years ago called National Treasure. But the group was disbanded and Ae Jong has been blamed and hated by their fans and her reputation was drop to the bottom. She never revealed what actually happen that leads to the disbandment of their group and keeps the secret for herself. After 10 years being treated unfairly by anti-fans, she still survives in the entertainment industry doing everything that can give her air-time.
Dok Go Jin (Cha Seung Won) is the top movie star, most wanted male celebrity and king of CF (Commercial Film) endorsement. He is at the peak of his career and counting his days to break into international market. Despites his perfect live, he has one secret that only a very few people knows…his heart is broken.
These two people from different personality and status meet and involved with each other business. He always torments Ae Jong with his harsh words but silently he care and support her. Dok Go heart always flutter everytime he heard Ae Jong’s ringing tone and the song actually from Ae Jong’s previous group album. He is confuse either his heart is broken again or he has special feeling for Ae Jong.
Yoon Pil Joo (Yoon Kye Sang) is a doctor of Oriental medicine running his family business. He has a friend in entertainment business and was offered to join a dating show. He has no interest in entertainment industry but accept the offer because of Ae Jong.
Kang Se Ri (Yoo In Na) is the youngest member of National Treasure. After the group was disbanded she continues her career in entertainment industry and become more popular. She is a contract girlfriend for Dok Go Jin but they actually do not have feeling for each other. Her relationship with Ae Jong is not so good because of some misunderstanding that happen during their idol time.
Ae Jong, Pil Joo and Se Ri involved with each other when three of them meet in dating show that was hosted by Se Ri, while Ae Jong is one of the contestants that trying to grab Pil Joo’s love.
What will happen when Pil Joo really fall in love with Ae Jong but her heart was already stuck with Dok Go while Dok Go is still confuse either his feeling for Ae Jong is love or because his heart is broken again. To worsen the situation, Se Ri confessed her love to Pil Joo.
Joen’s said:
This drama grabs my attention because of their studded cast and was written by Hong Sisters, the popular writers that also wrote my favorite dramas like My Girlfriend is A Gumiho, You Are Beautiful and My Girl. Besides, I also love the heroin Gong Hyo Jin from her previous drama Pasta and looking forward for her acting in this drama.
This drama has a sweet love story that makes you smile even when you cried. Hong Sisters is really an expert in capturing our heart with their romantic comedy story. Like their previous dramas, this drama also have their own secret recipe that makes fan hooked and captivated until the end with their make believe story. This time they make celebrity life story as their main focus with the involvement of fanatic fans and anti-fans in measuring the popularity of a celebrity. Now everytime I heard or read words like ‘potato’, ‘recharge’ and ‘ding dong’, I will remember this drama.
I love how they create Dok Go Jin character as an arrogant man that can have everything with his popularity but have a weak heart. However, he never makes his situation as an obstacle for him to succeed. He always move forward either in career or love. His 2 different faces that always look cold and arrogant but can change to comical depends on situation is so hillarious.
I admired Gu Ae Jeong character as a woman with a big heart that always put other people feeling first. She doesn’t care what will happen to herself as long as she can protect people that she cares. This is cliché to most korean Drama but who cares? Sometimes I am grinding my teeth when she makes decision that always unfavorable for herself but I am understand her reason.
The song selection for the Drama OST also was good. I love all the songs as much as I love the story itself and my most favorite song is Thump Thump (Dugeun Dugeun) by Sunnyhill.
This is another great drama from Hong sisters and it is worth your time to watch it! Now this drama is in my all time favorite KDrama List!

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