KDrama – Lie To Me

Naege Geojitmaleul Haebwa / Lie to Me
Also known as: Try Lying to Me
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Year: 2011


Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) is a level 5 officer in Ministry on Culture. She is dedicated to her job and loves her job very much. Her age almost 30 years old but still single. Because of her status, she always is being asked when to get married by her friends. She always succeed to hide her feeling with her cheerful and playful character, but one day she can't handle it anymore when being asked the same question by Yoo So Ran (Hong Soo Hyun). She loss her mind for a moment and proudly declare that she already have a secret marriage.

Gong Ah Jung and Yoo So Ran not in a good term because So Ran stole away Ah Jung's first love and married to that man. Because of this, Ah Jung finds it hard to fall in love again.

Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) is a famous bachelor from an affluent family. With his talent and ability, he was appointed as a CEO at World Hotel at young age. He is a perfectionist and a good leader. His perfect life turns upside down when he accidentally involve in Ah Jung's affairs.

Ki Jun met Ah Jung at a bar, he actually wants to find his brother (Hyun Sang Hee) who just come back to Korea after 3 years staying abroad. His brother manages to elope with his friend but Ki Jun gets stuck with Ah Jung when she suddenly passes out in front of him. He misses the chance to meet his brother but he feels responsible to stay with Ah Jung until she awake. The next morning, Ki Jun pays for the hospital bill and they go their separate ways.

However, Ah Jung does not feel right to owe from a stranger. She goes to Ki Jun's hotel to pay him back, but by mistake she spills tomato juice all over her shirt. Out of embarrassment, she pretends to pass out. Ki Jun was there at that time, he picks her up and carry her to his hotel room. Ah Jung's friend watches everything happen in front of her eyes and soon rumour about they are actually a married couple starts to spread.

Joen’s said:

This is one of the most anticipated dramas for this year. With popular stars line-up like Kang Ji Hwan (Coffee House, Capital Scandal) & Yoon Eun Hye (My Fair Lady, Coffee Prince, Goong), of course this drama will grab the attentions of Korean Drama fans.

The storyline is about a love that starts from a lie. As for me, the storyline is very ordinary and simple but it still keeps me hook because of its main leads actor. I love their previous drama and can’t wait for this one. But one thing that keeps playing in my head, can love grows from a lie? I don’t think it’s going to work.

The most memorable line from this drama is about Hyun Ki Jun 5 elements package which is handsome, educated, well-mannered, knowledgeable and responsible. Kang Ji Hwan suited the character very well. His beautiful smile melted my heart…lol.

While, Gong Ah Jung’s character as a cheerful and playful woman is an easy task for Yoon Eun Hye because it’s quite similar to her character in her previous dramas. I hope she can take more serious character in her next project because I know she can do it.

Overall, I enjoy watching Lie To Me and I hope you guys too!


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