KDrama – City Hunter

Title: City Hunter 
Genre: Action, suspense, romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Year: 2011


This drama is based on popular novel by Japan's Tsukasa Hojo. 
It receives worldwide attention because this is the first 
time the story is remake into a drama. Since it is produce in 
Korea, the setting has changed from Tokyo to Seoul and
according to the original story, the protagonist becomes a 
city hunter due to some reasons.

Lee Yoon Song/City Hunter (Lee Min Ho) was kidnapped by his 
father's best friend when he was 1 month year old. He was 
raise up abroad in harsh condition to prepare him to be a 
strong man to take revenge for his father's death. Year 2011, 
he comes back to Korea for the first time for his mission. He 
is a brilliant man with PHD in network engineering from MIT, 
works in the National Communication Network Team in Blue 
House. He plans revenge against five politicians who caused 
his father's death with his surrogate father Lee Jin Pyo but 
their revenge must be done in his own ways.

Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) works as bodyguard at Blue House. 
She is former judo athlete and become martial art instructor 
to Lee Yoon Song. She lost her mother in an accident while 
her father still in coma after 10 years the accident happens. 
But she never gives up hope to see her father wake up again 
one day. 

Na Na and Yoon Song fall in love with each other but, their 
love will have to face many obstacles. With Yoon Song 
mission, he can't fall in love and he can't trust anyone 
because that person will die if his surrogate father senses 
it. While Na Na also aware that she might be the one who kill 
City Hunter one day because her job responsibility is to 
protect politicians that may turn up to be one in Yoon Song 

Kim Young Joo (Lee Joon Hyuk) is an upright prosecutor and 
long leg ajussi for Na Na. He has bad relationship with his
father after one incident happen long time ago. His father is
an important man in politic but he never ask for his father's
help to rise in his career. He is in-charge for 'City Hunter' 
case but always one step behind. 

Lee Jin Pyo/Steve Lee (Kim Sang Joong) is Yoon Song surrogate 
father. He become a cruel man after watching all his 20's 
team members of a secret mission in North Korea was shot dead
by their own people in front of his eyes after that mission 
was suddenly cancelled. Furthermore, all records of these 
people were deleted after the incident. He feels that he was 
betrayed by his motherland and plan revenge against those 
people involved. He kidnap a son of his best friend, also one
of the victim to be his weapon for his revenge. 

Joen's said:

Lee Min Ho is so different in this drama (more handsome, more 
masculine, more feels...I am drooling ;P). He finally 
changes from flower boy's (Boys over Flower) image to a real
man here. He did most of the action and stunt on his own and
I can say that he did a very good job. His acting skills has
improved a lot! I am sure he will gather more male fans from 
this drama and I already knew some...:).

Park Min Young also did her best in this drama. At first, I 
am curious...can this petite lady be a bodyguard is this 
drama? Can she fight? But she really nailed me down by her 
acting...WOW...Her fighting skills is not bad at all! 

At last I was being spelled by their acting and get hooked 
from episode to episode. For me this is the best action 
romance drama for this year so far. I am looking forward for 
their next drama soon.

I love the casts, I love the story and I love the OST. Let's
listen to my most favourite song from the OST. IT'S ALRIGHT!

youtube credit: Lee622ful


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