News – Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young are couple in reality!

Fanpic: Happy Valentines Day 

Update: “Hunter Couple” or “Minmin Couple” have broken up?

Congratulations to this lovely couple, finally they make it public. I love their acting in City Hunter, both are so sweet together. I’ve heard about them dating while still shooting for the drama, but I thought it just a crush while acting together. But I’m wrong, the feeling they develop while shooting the drama is blooming beautifully now! I’m so happy for them and I wish all the best for their love.

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Update 1 (Latest)

Second season of City Hunter? It is still not confirm but Lee said he would star in a second season of “City Hunter” if one is made. If it really happen, it would be better if Park Min Young star as female lead beside Lee Min Ho…^^

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Update 2:

(Official statement) Lee Min Ho agency confirm their relationship. I like to read this! 🙂

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Update 3:

Lee Min Ho agency denies the news both of them are dating but I will assume that they want to keep it secret because their relationship is still new and they just want to be cautious 😛

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One Response to News – Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young are couple in reality!

  1. Eun Sung Gu says:

    i’m so happy for the minmin couple hope that the two of you end up to be husband and wife saranghae!>>>>>>……

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