1 Nights 2 Days will end in Feb 2012?

Oh nooo…it really breaks my heart just to think about this.  Previously, I always think it will never happen because this show received so much love from fans and always get top spot in TV ratings for variety show.  But after some rumours about Lee Seung Gi might be leaving the show early this year, my perception was changed. Anything can happen for this show. But I will think positively, we can’t stop people from leaving for a better future and opportunity. I feel so relief when Lee Seung Gi decides to stay with the show. My heart feels at ease because I can still continue watching my favourite celebrity every week in my most favourite reality-variety show on TV.

However, when rumours about Kang Ho Dong would be leaving comes into surface early this month, I can feel something big will be happen. Kang Ho Dong is the heart of the show, the rumours will not simply spread without stance because he is a big name in entertainment industry and one of the best host in Korea. But I keep my mind open and will accept any decision made by him. But deep down in my heart, I wish he will stay with the show.

Shortly after that,  I start to worry again when rumours about PD Na (Na Young Suk) might also be leaving the show spread out. I always think PD Na as the blood of the show because he is the one that keep the show running with his wicked and creative brain to make the show more interesting to watch. What will happen to the show without the heart (Kang Ho Dong) and the blood (PD Na)? Can a new PD produce the show as the same quality as what PD Na have set? Can other members do fine without their big brother? Who will replace Ho Dong’s spot as the leader and the main MC? Ah…it’s really frustrating. But both Kang Ho Dong and PD Na deny all the rumours and ask fans to wait for their final decision and official statement.

Finally, KBS‘s ‘1 Night 2 Days’ come forward and announced that the hit variety program will come to an end in February 2012, which means 6 months from now. It’s really heartbreaking but I will respect their decision. I’m glad that they find their mutual agreement to stick together as brothers until the end. I really admire the spirit of brotherhood between them and their intention to produce a successful end for this show is so heart-warming. I’m sure it will happen.

I will watch them again in other programs in future but the feel is different because they are not together anymore. Kang Ho Dong shi, Lee Seung Gi shi, Lee Su Geun shi, Eun Ji Won shi, Kim Jong Min shi, Eom Tae Woong shi…let’s stick together within this 6 months and do our best…then we can have no regret…life goes on…:)

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