News: Kang Ho Dong Announces His Temporary Retirement from Entertainment World

I’m still in the state of denial after reading the official statement from Kang Ho Dong about his decision to retire temporarily from Entertainment Industry. I’m sure many of us already know about his scandal regarding tax evasion, but I thought it can be solved in a good way and never occur in my mind that this thing will happen.

What will happen to his current programs, KBS “2D1N”, SBS “Strong Heart” “Star King” and MBC “Knee Guru”. I think for 2D1N the other members will have to continue without him (I already set my mind that they will leave together inFeb 2012 but now I have to face the reality watching the show without him…so sad); For Strong Heart, Lee Seung Gi may need to host it alone (If it is true, it will give a big pressure to him because this is the first time he doing it alone, without his big  brother or mentor); For Star King and Knee Guru, I’m not sure because I did not watch the shows.

Whatever it is, I will respect his decision and hope he will comeback soon. He knows better what is best for his life and career. Kang Ho Dong fighting!!!

And I want to remember him with this smile 🙂

Kang Ho Dong Official Statement

I wrestled when I was young. When I was a professional wrestler, I even received the “man of great strength” title with the public’s support. After becoming an entertainer, I landed MC positions on many programs thanks to the high level of interest the public had in me. Without your love, I know that the Kang Ho Dong today would not exist. Knowing this, I have let down and disappointed you.”

“The tax problem is my fault for not thoroughly managing myself. I’m quite aware that the public’s hate for me right now is great. I’m a person who has a job as an entertainer. My duty is to give viewers laughter and happiness through the TV. In a situation like this, how can I shamelessly laugh and talk on TV?”

Kang Ho Dong continued, “From this moment on, I will be temporarily retiring from the entertainment business.”

“I will be taking this conference as an opportunity to tell my viewers that I will be tentatively retiring from the industry. I will discuss with the producers of the programs I am a part of to negotiate my leave without any losses suffered on their part.”

After I retire, I will be reflecting on my actions and looking back on whether I was too assured of my high fame. I would like to apologize once again for causing a disturbance to society.”

Credit: Allkpop & Soompi

Pictures credit as labeled

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