Lee Seung Gi to become the sole MC for ‘Strong Heart’

It has just been announced that Lee Seung Gi will be the sole MC for SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ following Kang Ho Dong‘s announcement of a temporary retirement on September 9th.

The episode broadcast on September 20th will be his last, and Lee Seung Gi will be taking over the entire show from here on out. PD Park Sang Hyuk explained, “For now, we are thinking of Lee Seung Gi leading the show on his own.  He has exceptional MCing skills, as he’s been hosting the show beside Kang Ho Dong for a while now.”

He continued, “He’s been working diligently in a variety of areas for a long time, so we have full faith in his ability to lead the show.  Starting from the recording scheduled on September 22nd, he will be the sole MC for ‘Strong Heart’.”

Credit: Allkpop

Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

Being the sole MC for any variety talk show program is not easy because it is so tiring and challenging. I’m sure Lee Seung Gi must do a deep thinking before accepting this role. Now he must do everything alone without any help or guidance from his mentor Kang Ho Dong. Whatever it is, one day he have to make the similar decision if he want to move forward in his MCing career. So, I’m glad he is taking this chance and I believe he can do everything once he puts his mind in it. Lee Seung Gi shi FIGHTING!!!


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