Park Min Young Talk About Kissing Scene in “City Hunter”

Actress Park Min Young spoke about her kiss scenes with actor/boyfriend Lee Min Ho, drawing much attention from the public.

On September 24th, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ visited Park Min Young on the set of a photoshoot.

The catch is that this interview actually took place before the couple officially announced to the public that they were dating. The interviewer asked what scene she remembered most from the drama ‘City Hunter‘. Park Min Young answered, “I think the sofa kiss was pretty. They both knew they liked each other, but I liked it because they seemed like a new couple.”

However, the sofa ‘kiss’ scene was actually not a real kiss scene as they didn’t end up actually kissing. Park Min Young revealed, “As a viewer, I was angry as well. But even though I was disappointed, it’s those kinds of scenes that are insatiably exciting. So that’s why I think the writer kept adding in scenes like that.”

In particular, the interviewer asked, “How can you get a boyfriend when you are so busy?” Park Min Young replied, “I date in my dramas.” Her answer was ironic because she happens to be dating her ‘drama boyfriend’ in real life, too! She also added, “On Christmas, I want to hold hands and walk around with my boyfriend” – increasing the public’s interest with her answer.

Credit: Allkpop

Source: Newsen via Nate

Now, she doesn’t have to date in her dreams anymore and I hope her wish to walk around while holding hands with her boyfriend (Lee Min Ho) during Christmas will come true too! 🙂

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