KDrama – The Princess’ Man

Title: The Princess’ Man / Gongjooeui Namja
Genre: Period, Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Year: 2011

The drama is about love and pain, friendship and revenge sets during political revolution in the time of King Sejo aka Prince Suyang reign.

Love  & Pain: Kim Seung Yoo (Park Shi Hoo) is the youngest son of Kim Jong So, a vice-premier and king’s loyal subject during King Munjong and King Danjong reign. Seung Yoo is a handsome and wise man works as a teacher in an institution that oversees the education of all royalties. One day, he was appointed to teach The Princess and gradually fall for her without knowing that she is not the real Princess!

Seryeong (Moon Chae Won) is the most beloved and the eldest daughter of Prince Suyang. She is a cheerful, lively lady with a strong curiosity and bold personality. Upon hearing about her marriage proposal to Kim Jong So’s son, she convince The Princess to change place once she knew that Kim Seung Yoo will teach The Princess and her request was granted. They have spend much time together inside and outside the palace and finally fall for each other. But she always miss the chance to reveal her true identity.

However her marriage proposal was rejected because Kim Jong So wants to marry his son with The Princess in order to strengthen King’s power. He also knows that Prince Suyang have hidden agenda behind that marriage proposal.

Prince Suyang and his supporters decide to destroy Kim Jong So and all his family members because they are the biggest obstacle for him to takeover the throne. Both of them cannot be under the same sky anymore, one of them must disappear.

Seung Yoo and Seryeong love blossoms without knowing cruel fate waiting for them.

Friendship & Revenge: Kim Seung Yoo, Shin Myun and Jung Jong come from noble family and become best friend. They always support and help each other before Shin Myun choose different path to support Prince Suyang agenda. He quite hesitant at first, watching his friends being tortured in front of his eyes hurt him but for the sake of his family, he become a cold person. Futhermore, he was set to marry Seryeong and starts to like her even though he knows that Seryeong is Kim Seung Yoo’s lover.

After his father brutally killed by Prince  Suyang’s peoples. Kim Seung Yoo determined to revenge his father death even though he knows that he’s going to confront Seryeong’s father.

For me, The Princess’ Man is one The Best Drama in 2011. The storyline is fresh and interesting because it based on original story with a little bit of fiction. Every episode was narrated and played so well that makes me excited to watch the next one. The tragic but beautiful love story between Kim Seung Yoo and Seryeong also makes me hooked to this drama. We can’t predict what will happen to them until the end. Kudos the the writer, director, cast and crew for this valuable piece. I would suggest to all KDrama fans to watch The Princess’ Man ^^


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  1. elyzah ordonez petel says:

    i like the princess’ man verry much i want to live in korea

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