“The Princess’ Man” is released as a book.

“The Princess’ Man” successfully concluded it final episode on the 6th with top rating, also has been drawing a lot of attention with its content business.

On the 10th, according to the production company for the series, the book version of Princess’ Man sold out in a week and many people are reserving the second edition.

People can watch the series through iPad, and an e-book version of the series will be released by the end of this month. Many publishing companies in foreign countries, including, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, and more want to sign a contract or the publication rights.

In addition, the cartoon version of the series will be released on the 17th.

The series has been sold to ten Asian countries, including, Japan, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and more.

The series will be made into a DVD as well.

Credit: Korea.com

Source: TV Report

“The Princess Man” deserves to receive these attentions and loves because it was a great drama. Looks like its’ popularity have scattered all over Asia. Congratulations to “The Princess’ Man” team!


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One Response to “The Princess’ Man” is released as a book.

  1. Catherine says:

    If only someone could translate the The Princess’ Man novel in English !!
    It would be great for non-speaking Korean !

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