Song Jong Ki talks about his role in “Deep Rooted Tree”

Actor Song Joong Ki said “it was a great challenge” for him to act King Sejong in the drama. He took the role as young King Sejong in the beginning part of the drama.

He received favorable reviews for his appealing acting on the 1st and 2nd episodes. He said, “it was a great challenge for me to act in Deep Rooted Tree. I really wanted to be part of the drama because I loved the story when I read the scripts, and I also learned a lot from other senior actors.”

He added, “King Sejong is one of the kings who accomplished the greatest achievements and the greatest image so it’s true that there was a little bit of burden on me to act his character. I always appreciate that the audience supports me well even though my acting isn’t enough.”

Especially since he acted a character who was sometimes charismatic but sometimes being lonely, he said, “I become a king when director Jan Tae Yoo gives me a cue signal but I stay comfortably with the staffs during the break time.”

The staffs said, “we discovered Song Joong Ki’s another charms through this drama, and the audience loves him so much as well. Some people say they can’t wait to see him on Wednesday and Thursday. Since they are only a few episode left for him, please watch our drama to see how he is going to increase the thrill with his charismatic looks.”


Source: TV Report

I still remember his acting as a playboy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, his character must be much different in this drama. I can’t wait to watch a new side of him! ^^



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