Kang Ho Dong spending his ‘Temporary Retirement’ with son and wife

It’s been over a month since Kang Ho Dong announced his temporary retirement, and many have been wondering what he’s been up to since then. Close officials of the MC recently disclosed some details of his whereabouts with Newsen.

They revealed, “Since his press conference announcing his retirement, he’s returned home and hasn’t stepped out much since. He mainly plays with his son and remains in his home.”

The furthest he’s stepped out was the park for children within the apartment complex. For the past 34 days, he’s spent his days with his family and three year old son.

Another official revealed, “He barely leaves the home and just stays home with his family. I think that he’s trying to make up for the time lost with his busy schedule for his son and wife. Either way, he hasn’t been leaving the home and has put himself under voluntary house arrest.”

Kang Ho Dong is also restricting phone calls and rarely responds to text messages sent by close celebrity friends and industry representatives.

Source: Allkpop
Source + Photos: Newsen

I’m relieved that he’s doing fine. Fortunately he has family to rely on during this hard time. 


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