Moon Chae Won says “The Princess’ Man” impressions still lingers in her mind

During a recent interview held at Cheongdamdong in Seoul, Moon explained, “I could not easily come out from the lingering images of ‘The Princess’ Man.’ I usually tend to have mixed feelings after I finish dramas, but ‘The Princess’ Man’ seems to have special meanings to me. The lingering impression is lasting longer than any other works. I am trying to comfort myself while listening to the drama’s original soundtrack.

The character Se Ryung transforms from a cheerful and lovely woman into a strong woman who abandons her status as a princess for love. Moon Chae Won said, “There was a risk as the character dramatically changed her personality, but I had wanted to play Se Ryung as she was a very interesting character. I put my effort to present her as a strong woman with strong impression as the story developed.

She continued to explain the character by saying, “Se Ryung from the first episode until the third episode just seems to be a curious girl, but she becomes a mature woman by falling in true love after the seventh and eighth episode. Both of her different appearances could rarely be seen in any other historical drama, so I found it really exciting. Usually people have their own standard for their behaviors, but Se Ryung is a person who always behaves according to her emotion.

But the extraordinary character of Se Ryung had aroused controversy on Moon Chae Won’s acting ability in the beginning of the drama, as people pointed out that the curious character did not seem to be suitable for a historical drama. Moon said, “I might have caused a mistake when I played her in the beginning of the drama. I had thought that Se Ryung and Seung Yoo were characters that were likely to appear in a fairy tale because they sacrificed everything for each other in the time period, and I had wanted to make Se Ryung outstanding as she was not an ordinary person in the drama. But I might have made her too outstanding in the beginning against my effort. Senior actors usually say that actors need to express a refined emotion in a historical drama, and I might have failed to present relevant acting in a historical drama at first. Even though my acting was restless in the beginning, I could gradually become more immersed in the situation that Se Ryung encountered after the revolt, and my acting became more natural.

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Source & Photo: KBS Global

The Princess’ Man is a MUST WATCHED drama 2011!


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  1. lotusinmud says:

    MCW & PSH is a great actor & actress.
    well done and good luck tou both of you!!!!!!!

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