The F4 of “Brain”

Could it be? Is Korea getting its very own version of McDreamy, McSteamy, McVet, McHottie? Okay, maybe not McVet. But evidently, KBS2′s upcoming drama,Brain, has its very own F4.

The drama, which is set to premiere on November 14, stars Shim Hyung Tak, Gwak Seung Nam, Lee Seung Ju, and Kwon Se In, in addition to main leads Shin Ha Gyun, Jung Jin Young, Choi Jung Won, and Jo Dong Hyuk.

Gwak Seung Nam plays Yang Bum Jun, a third year resident, who′s a bit of an opportunist and is skilled at kissing up to his superiors. Though a little cunning, he has his cute side and feels lonely deep inside. (Alex Karev??)

Shim Hyung Tak acts as Jo Dae Shik, a second year resident, and a proud perfectionist. He′s described as prickly and critical, but unexpectedly, seeks freedom and has passion in his mind. He′s expected to develop a romance with nurse Hong Eun Suk (Lee Ji Eun). For this drama, he reportedly completely changed his image to the point that viewers might see him as a different actor.

Lee Seung Ju, from the 21st class of recruited KBS actors, plays Dong Seung Man, a second year resident, who has a strong desire for success and follows around top neurosurgeon Lee Gang Hun (Shin Ha Gyun).

Kwon Se In rounds out the cast as Yeo Bong Gu, a first year resident and the youngest of the group. Yeo, who has a pure and good heart, will compete with Dong Seung Man over Lee Gang Hun’s sister Ha Eun (Kim Ga Eun).

The production company of the drama, CJ E&M said, “The good-looking doctors are bolstering the drama, Brain with their solid acting capabitilies. We picked actors who are the most suitable for each character, and we are highly satisfied with their acting. As we are pouring effort and energy on the filming, we hope viewers show their interest and support.” 

Meanwhile, Brain is the first full-fledged medical drama of KBS, unfolding against the backdrop of neurosurgery department of a university hospital. Producer Yu Hyung Gi and writer Yun Kyeong Ah of KBS2’s Master of Study teamed up for the drama, whose first and second episodes will air on November 14.



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