Kdrama – Royal Family

Title: 로열 패밀리 / Royal Family
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episode: 18
Broadcast Network: MBC
Year: 2011


It tells the story an ordinary woman fighting for her rights as a mother and a wife in a corrupted Chaebol family. How she survive all the lies and schemes to be recognized as a “person” among them.

Kim In Sook (played by Yum Jung Ah) was an orphan, married to Dong Ho, the second son of JK clan. Their marriage was approved by Dong Ho’s mother with a condition, he needs to sign an agreement to give up his inheritance and without his knowing, his mother also takes all his shares. After 18 years of marriage, Kim In Sook has been ignored and never regarded as one of YK clan members. She’s been isolated and only known as ‘K’ among them. She found his happiness by doing charity works. After her husband died in a helicopter crash, the thing got worse. Her mother in-law wants her to cut all connections with YK clan and give up her parental right of her son as well.

Han Ji Hoon was accused as a murderer at young age. He was released after Kim In Sook hire a lawyer for him. His childhood life is so miserable but Kim In Sook never give up on him. Since then, he looks at Madam Kim (Kim In Sook) as his guardian angel and he study hard to meet her expectation. Finally he becomes a top lawyer and out of blue, he appeared as the lawyer of JK clan. His main intention is to protect Kim In Sook after he witnessed her miserable situation.

With the help of Han Ji Hoon, Kim In Sook starts to rise to the top and claiming her rights. But as she almost achieve her dreams, her past secrets starts to haunt her and might destroy her dreams and her relationship with Han Ji Hoon. As for Han Ji Hoon, while helping Madam Kim, he realized that his feeling toward her is more than gratitude and pity to his guardian angel because his heart beats faster at her sight.

For me, this is must watch drama. Even though the main character (Han Ji Hoon & Kim In Sook)  loveline is not like other Korean dramas, but I can feel their chemistry. I think, because of their mysterious feeling is what makes me hooked to this drama, because I want to know how they are going to end up. Sometimes I can feel their genuine love like mother and son, and sometimes it become warm and sweet like lovers.

I’ve learned something from this drama, You can watch over (take care of) someone only if you trust them. Yes, I totally agree! Because of trust, Kim In Sook successfully transform Han Ji Hoon from a miserable kid to be a successful lawyer. Because of trust, Han Ji Hoon keep on supporting Kim In Sook and believe in her even though other people said she is a bad person. Because of their trust with one another, they are able to achieve what they think they can only dream of before.

The ending? It has an open ending, but I think it is a Happy Ending! 🙂


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