Three dramas revolutionizing cable TV

Dramas on cable channels are gathering its fair share of popularity.

TvN’s Cool Guys, Hot Ramen, OCN’s Vampire Prosecutor and Ten are at the frontline of the growing popularity. These dramas aren′t only ranked among cable channel programs in the same time slot, but with its unique subject material, movie-like quality, and superb directing, they are also holding their own as they compete with dramas from major TV stations.

Jung Il Woo(Cool Guys Hot Ramen), Joo Sang Wook(Ten), and Yeon Jeong Hun(Vampire Prosecutor) are three leading actors spearheading the popularity behind cable channel dramas.

Jung captures viewers’ hearts with his classy fashion and solid acting skills. He tastefully portrays the character of Cha Chi Soo, an immature and arrogant rich guy.

Joo plays a role of a fanatical detective in Ten. He kept viewers glued to the screen with his sharp and charasmatic acting. Viewers responded with positive feedback on his acting that could be seen in high-quality American investigative dramas.

Yeon takes on a role of vampire prosecutor who finds clues to murder cases through the blood of victims. He is being well-received for his portrayal of Min Tae Yeon, a character who is conflicted because he has to live with humans, but needs to have their blood.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Gwan, Maiden Entertainment


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