Court dismisses Kang Ho Dong’s tax evasion case

After dominating headlines for months, Kang Ho Dong’s controversy has finally come to an end. The court has announced that they will be dismissing his case due to an absence of an arraignment, or a formal declaration of charges.

Earlier in September, Kang Ho Dong was investigated for tax evasion. He was initially laid with a fine due to a discrepancy in his numbers, but it seems that there were no formal charges or processes made against the multi-entertainer.

On December 17th, the Seoul District Prosecutor Office announced, “In the case of the fine being less than $500,000 USD (per year), the National Tax Service must file a charge of tax evasion in order for the subject to be a suspect of tax evasion. However, there has been no such charge up until now, so we have decided to drop the case as of the 16th.”

Kang Ho Dong’s fine amounts to $700,000 USD for a combined three years, significantly less than the required $500,000 USD per year. The National Tax Service added, “Kang Ho Dong’s annual fine is less than the required $500,000 USD. Furthermore, he did not commit acts of intentional evasion. It is merely a mistake made on behalf of his accountant, so we will not be charging him with tax evasion.”

Due to the controversy surrounding his name at the time, Kang Ho Dong decided to temporarily retire from the industry. With this latest development however, it seems that he can finally relax after a long battle against suspicions and rumors.

Source + Photos: Ilgan Sports, OSEN via Naver

Finally the mess come to an end. Hopefully Ho Dong ajusshi will make a come back to entertainment business very soon. I want to see him laughing again! 


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