KDrama: Man of Honor

Also known as: Glory Jane
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: KBS2


Yun Jae In (Park Min Young) lost everything in one day, her parents, her memories and her inheritances, the only thing she remember is her name. Despite all these misfortunes, she grew up in an orphanage as a cheerful girl and always brought positive aura that can live-up other peoples’ spirits. She works as a nurse-aide and dreams to become a professional nurse one day.

Kim Yeong Gwang (Chun Jung Myung) dreams to become a professional baseball player after meeting with Jae In during their childhood. However, his determinations and wills do not move in line with his achievement, he still plays in second division after 17 years involved in baseball games. But he never give up because he only knows how to play baseball in his life.

Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo) is the only heir of his father’s business but his passion is in baseball. He has severe panic disorder because of an incident happen during his childhood and need  to take anti-depressant medications to cure his illness.

All three of them had met at the hospital and was involved in love triangle. As they struggling to follow their dreams, their fates and destinies will come to surfaces.


2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actor (Mid-length Drama): Chun Jung Myung
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Awards, Actress (Mid-length Drama): Park Min Young
2011 KBS Drama Awards: Newcomer Awards, Actor: Lee Jang Woo

Moral of the Story:

With God’s will, you can change your fate and create your own destiny if you believe in yourself and do your best to achieve your dreams.

Congratulations to all three main leads, Chun Jung Myung, Park Min Young and Lee Jang Woo for winning awards at 2011 KBS Drama Awards. All casts did their best to live-up their roles especially our three main character. I can feel the existence of hot-tempered baseball player Kim Yeong Gwang, warm-hearted nurse Yun Jae In and “poor guy” rich boy Seo In Woo. For me, this is an interesting drama and I enjoy watching it. 


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