2011 KDrama character that will live long in our memories

There are many great Korean Dramas were produced in 2011 but I’m sure only a few characters from these dramas still live in your memory until today. Why they left a deep impression in your mind? May be because of their unique character, their charms, their craziness, or these characters resemble someone that you knows? May be…:P

We  have our own characteristics in choosing our favorite, and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer for this question. So, who are your favorite? My top 5 characters are:

1) Dokko Jin – The Greatest Love

A unique name for a unique character. Just by mentioning his name can crack me up…lol. Every episode of The Greatest Love is so hilarious with Dokko Jin Antics. Dokko Jin manage to blur the memory of dark and serious Cha Seung Won in other dramas or films that he played.

2) Lee Yoon Sung – City Hunter

I was spell by Lee Min Ho’s charms! Lee Min Ho was transformed from a flower boy to a masculine man that can fight well. I think it just enough reason for me to choose him as my favorite character. Every episode get me hooked to watch him fighting all those bad guys.

3) Kim Seung Yu – The Princess’ Man

A pitiful character that makes me wants to hug him to console him. A high prospect bachelor become a nobody because of revenge. I can feel his grief, rage and pain in his eyes. Every episode makes me wonder when all his misfortunes going to end because I want to see his smile again.

4) Lee Gaehun – Brain

An ambitious guy but very arrogant, hot-tempered and cold. Despite all these bad character I still love him because I admire his strong-will and spirit. Yes, sometimes I do feel like want to kick his a** because he doesn’t care other people’s feeling but some other time I want to pat his back because of his doing a good job.

5) Cha Chi Soo – Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

An immature rich boy fall in love with a hot-tempered ordinary woman. Can you guess what is the result? Of course it will be hilarious watching this boy’s tricks to tackle the woman he loves. Every episode is mind blowing and always crack me up.

Why I puts character’s name instead of actor’s or actress’ name because these characters feels so alive and makes me forget the real actor/actress behind them. I’ve picked the most important character from each drama (based on my preferences :P), so there will be a hero or a heroin representing every drama.

However there are some dramas that I haven’t watch yet but I know that they received good reviews from KDrama lovers like “Thousand Days’ Promise”, “Vampire Prosecutor”, “I’m a Flower Too”, etc. If you feel that they should be listed here, please leave your comment below.

Don’t forget to choose your favorite characters at the sidebar’s poll!

Photos credit: MBC, KBS, SBS


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One Response to 2011 KDrama character that will live long in our memories

  1. To me, Dr Lee Gang Hun from BRAIN is undoubtly the number one ! Such a outstanding and moving character ! I think that a large number of us can recognize in him, because, like him, we all have already been confronted to the hardness of life. Thank You for mentionning him. Best regards.

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