KDrama : Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

Also known as: Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN


This romantic comedy drama is about “pretty boys” with different personality and background, work together at ramen shop with a lovely girl.

Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah) is a university student and dreams to become a high school teacher. She is hot-tempered girl with conventional way of thinking. Her father own a ramen shop but her relationship with her father is not so good.

Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo) is an heir of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea. He is immature and cool guy. Two things he hates the most are getting stuff on his clothes and crying woman.

Both of them accidentally met at women’s toilet when Cha Chi Soo ran away from his bodyguards. Then they met again at Cha Sung High School, a school own by Chi Soo’s father and a workplace for Eun Bi undergoing her internship. Later, they work at the same ramen shop. That is their fate…;)

Choi Kang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo) is  the owner of that ramen shop. He has special feeling for Eun Bi but always treat her as her guardian. All three them will get trapped in a love triangle.

If you are looking for a light  drama that can make you laugh in every episode…this is the right one! Every episode is so hilarious because every character in this drama is so fun. I can guarantee that each one of them will make you laugh with their antics. So, this drama should be included in your watching list! 

Photo Credit: tvN


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