KDrama – Brain

Title: Brain
Genre: Medical Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS
Year: 2011


Intriguing yet tense medical drama, with realistic drama set, well define story and plot, I can say that “Brain” is one of the best drama in 2011.

Lee Gang Hun (Shin Ha Kyun) is an ambitious, arrogant and perfectionist neurosurgeon in Chunha University Hospital. He believes that he is the best doctor in Neurosurgery Department and dreams to become a professor for his department. He comes from a poor family and have a painful memory of his father’s death. He works extra hard to achieve his dreams and was respected by his colleagues and juniors. However, his path not always clear and he was forced into the corner.

Kim Sang Cheol (Jung Jin Young) is a genius professor in Neurosurgery Department at Chunha as well as mentor to Lee Gang Hun and world famous neurologist. He is sincere and humble towards his patients, he is down to earth don’t like fame but he has dark secret that he want to forget.

Yun Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won) is a resident doctor at Chunha. She is tough and always speak out whatever in her mind, but has a warm side and tender with her patients.

Seo Joon Suk (Jo Dong Hyuk) is Lee Gang Hun classmate at medical school. He comes from respected medical family and has a perfect life in other people’s eyes. He is Dr Lee Gang Hun rival either in career and love.

This drama is very addictive and engaging. All actors are great especially Shin Ha Kyun. He fits the role so well and I can’t picture any other actor for that role. If you like heavy medical drama, I suggest you to watch this drama.

“Brain is your heart because it can control your heart and it is beautiful” ~ Professor Kim Sang Cheol


KBS Drama Awards
1) Grand Prize (Daesang) – Shin Ha Kyun
2) Excellent Actor – Jung Jin Young
3) Netizen Award – Shin Ha Kyun, Choi Jung Won
4) Best Couple Award – Shin HaKyun, Choi Jung Won

Photo Credit: KBS


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One Response to KDrama – Brain

  1. Joencorner ! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having consecrated a such nice and smart review to the drama BRAIN ! Such an unforgettable and priceless Korean Masterpiece to my eyes. I also really like the design and the music of your blog. Thank You again, Best regards and my greetings from France.

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