“Dining Table for 100” will be Lee Seung Gi’s next variety show project?

Actually nothing has been decided yet because of his busy schedule. He has 2 important things that he need to take care of now; first is to prepare for his Japanese debut that will take place on March 6 and second is filming his new drama  ‘King2Hearts’ that will premiere on March 14. Wow…he is super busy this March!

So, if he decided to participate in the program, he will start filming ‘Dining Table for 100’ this summer (July-August). A representative of SBS said, the probability of Lee Seung Gi’s participation is high because the PD of this program is PD Shin Hyo Jung, one of the PD’s in ‘1N2D’.

Now I’m curious with Dining Table for 100’s concept…the title sounds like variety talk show like ‘Strong Heart’ but I’m not sure. Hopefully we can get more information about this new program soon but I’m so excited with the news! ^^

Credit: http://www.soompi.com/news/lee-seung-gis-new-variety-show-dining-table-for-100-will-start-filming-in-the-summer


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