KDrama – Wild Romance

Title: Wild Romance
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS
Year: 2012


The drama tells the story of Park Moo Yul, a baseball player from ‘Red Dreamers’ and his female bodyguard, Yoo Eun Jae. Both of them coincidentally meet at a club,  get into a fight and become close later.

Park Moo Yul (Lee Dong Wook) started playing baseball since 12 years old. His world revolves around baseball and a few close friends only. He signed with ‘Red Dreamers’ and constantly received a few threats from a stalker after that. Because of these threats, he needs to get protection from a bodyguard.

Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) is a private bodyguard who is also former judo athlete. She  is die hard fan for another baseball team known as ‘Blue Seagulls’, which is also the rival of ‘Red Dreamers’ team. However, she agreed to be the bodyguard for Park Moo Yul because of her commitment and responsibility.

Both of them did not get long at first. But because of the stalker’s threats, they become closer in order to solve the case. While their feelings for each other grows, Kang Jong Hee (SNSD’s Jessice) who is Park Moo Yul’s ex-girlfriend come back to Korea and want to be with him again.

My Comment:

Lee Si Young is so different in this drama with short perm hair (ajumma’s style), she let go of her girly and elegant image for this drama and her character as Yoo Eun Jae is enough to make me crack! Lee Dong Wook’s acting also has improved and he’s good in playing a serious and amusing character at the same time. I also loves Kim Tae Han’s character as ‘Mr. Robot’ and his girlfriend, Kim Dong Ah. Their awkward love line is so hilarious for me. This drama is really fun and every episode always crack me up.


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