Kang Ho Dong text messaged his younger brothers in ‘1N2D’ after final episode.

I’m sorry… and thank you.” It is the content of message sent by MC Kang Ho Dong to his former cast members in ‘1N2D’ after the show ended. A short message but have thousands of meanings. 

I can feel the sadness in his heart for not able to be together with his former cast members until the final broadcast even though they have planned to do it together before. However, I’m sure his younger bothers can feel his presence and understand his reason.

I always admire the spirit of brotherhood and closeness of these men,  I already know that they are brothers by heart but sometimes I feels like they are the real brothers by blood. I’m not sure if I can watch another variety show as the same feeling as I feels when I’m watching 1N2D season 1. Even if there is the show like this in the future, ‘1N2D season 1’ hold a special place in my heart.

Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate 


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