KDrama – Take Care of Us, Captain

Previously known as: Fly Again
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Year: 2012


This drama revolves around the lives of main characters who work in aviation industry, how their past will affect their current life and love.

Han Da Jin (Koo Hye Sun) is a smart girl who dreams to become the best pilot like her father. She graduates from a prestigious pilot school in US but loses both of her parents after graduating. Her mother died due to complication after giving birth to her sister on the flight to San Francisco, while her father died a few days later because of traffic accident. She was left alone to take care of her newborn sister.

Kim Yoon Sung (Ji Jin Hee) is a student to Han Da Jin’s father, during his first flight with Da Jin’s father, he did a grave mistake which cause Da Jin’s mother has to undergo emergency delivery. He blames himself after the incident and quit his job.

Choi Ji Won is a new flight attendance as well as Yoon Sung’s love interest. She is assisting Da Jin’s mother during her delivery, but due to her negligence, she cause the newborn baby to have septicimia (bacteria in blood caused by infection).

Seven years later…

Kim Yoon Sung and Han Da Jin meet as  captain and  co-captain without knowing each other identity. Kim Yoon Sung is a perfectionist, while Han Da Jin has a strong personality but soft-hearted. The pair gets trapped in a love conflict between Kang Dong Soo who is an air traffic controller manager at Incheon International Airport and Choi Ji Won, who come back as a cabin manager. Their love become more complicated when dark secret of Yoon Sung’s unfold.

My Comment

This drama is interesting because it touch several professions in aviation industry and the reality behind a glamour profession as a pilot. I am impressed with the aviation set for this drama, it looks like they are really in a plane!

For me the lives of all main characters in this drama were pitiful. Despites all the misfortunes, they rise again to be a better person and to take responsibility for their actions. Eventhough the rating is not so good, it is a good drama and interesting to watch! ^^


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