“The King 2Hearts” Episode 13 Screencaps

Sorry guys, I can capture a few scenes because most of the time I can hear sound only. And sorry again for starting this post with Bong Gu’s photo…lol:P

Bong Gu found a USB in the box send by Jaeha. It contains a video of  TARA and Jae Ha enjoying drinks at the club. TARA said something bad about him and it makes him really furious. He killed TARA.

Jae Shin play around the palace with her wheelchair…she was happy before she found a staircase that she can’t use anymore 😦

Hang Ah is trying to persuade the queen and Jae Shin to agree with their plan.

Jae Shin and Hang Ah going to place where King Jae Kang was killed

Jae Ha is trying to convince her mother, explaining how bad and strong is Bong Gu, so they should fight him together. But Mom cannot accept the idea to send her only son now to fight against crazy Bong Gu.

Hang Ah is trying to convince Jae Shin to take the queen place until the WOC is over. She also asking Jae Shin to try to get back her  memories because it is their strongest weapon to fight against Bong Gu.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah suspicous about Secretary Eun previous action.

Jae Shin was alone in her room and she remember what Hang Ah told her, her brother and crazy lady behind her car.

The guards are talking about the WOC team, Dong Ha is making fun of Kang Seok and Shi Kyung defend Kang Seok.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah are coming on stage together to pick a country they are going to compete with.

Oh no!  Jae Ha pick US. So they are going to have a tough battle and they must win the first round if they want to get married!


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