The King 2Hearts Spoilers: Jae Shin and Shi Kyung have a quality time in the park

In episode 18 which aired on May 17th, Princess Jae Shin and Captain Shi Kyung finally have a quality time together. Shi Kyung asks for Jae Ha’s permission to spend some time with Jae Shin and Jae Ha gladly allows it.

Jae Shin is alone at the park and suddenly Shi Kyung appears. Jae Shin tries to avoid Shi Kyung’s gaze but he manage to convince her and they finally can talk comfortably to each other. Then Shi Kyung piggybacks her and they talk while walking. He put her gently back in the wheelchair and she looks at him lovingly and peck on his cheek. Shi Kyung returns the peck kiss with a longer kiss on her lips!

This is the most awaited moment by Jae Shin – Shi Kyung shippers. They should have more happy time together before! The kiss is sweet and hot but Shi Kyung’s reactions after the kiss cracks me up…take it easy man. lol.


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2 Responses to The King 2Hearts Spoilers: Jae Shin and Shi Kyung have a quality time in the park

  1. jaeshinshikyung says:

    An absolutely beautiful scene between Shi Kyung & Jae Shin and so long awaited!!!
    The writers did a spectacular job giving us such a romantic scene for our favourite couple 🙂
    I’m so glad Shi Kyung finally kissed her!!! Yayyyy 🙂
    Even though he’s dying of embarrassment after lol 🙂
    But it was totally romantic!!! 🙂
    I wish they become a couple in real life…they look soooo good together and get along so well (according to the BTS pics and interviews) 🙂
    Now we just need Jae Shin to be able to walk again and for the 2 of them to end up getting married!!! They already have Jae Ha’s blessings…he even plays cupid for them in this episode and the previous one 🙂

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