“The King 2Hearts” Episode 19 Screencaps Part 1

Photos Credit: MBC


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4 Responses to “The King 2Hearts” Episode 19 Screencaps Part 1

  1. jaeshinshikyung says:

    I am so sad that our sweet SK died!!! 😦
    Why did they have to do that to him??? The story could have played out without that happening 😦
    Now what will happen to Jae Shin??? 😦
    These 2 people did not deserve this sad ending after all that they’ve been through together!!! 😦
    I really hope there is a twist in the final episode and that somehow Shi Kyung is alive and will return to Jae Shin…please please please!!!
    If it it not so I am so very disappointed with the writers of the show for giving us such beautiful JS-SK scenes every week then bringing it all crashing down in the end!!! 😦

    I saw this in an article today:-
    Representatives of ‘The King 2 Hearts’ released, “We have exactly two episodes left of the drama and I think the cast and crew will be able to successfully show the finale without any mistakes. There will be huge surprises at the end that nobody could predict so I hope the viewers are waiting patiently because it will be worth it.”

    Hopefully it turns out that one of those surprises is that Shi Kyung returns!!!
    He told Jae Ha that he would come back!!!
    He also told Jae Shin that he would come back to her!!!
    Please come back Shi Kyung!!!

  2. joenjohana says:

    I’m sharing the same sentiment with you HEARTIES.

    I can’t believe SK died…but how can they turn around the story if they want to bring him back…he was shot! he had a funeral! TT_TT
    My heart aching looking at Jae Shin sobbing after she watched the video left by SK…he said he love her!!!
    Oh please make him comeback and they can love each other properly.
    But how??
    If they make him jump off the cliff then he still have the chance…but now…I really have no idea…I’m going crazy thinking how they can bring him back!

    But I still can’t believe he was dead until I watch the final episode tonight…I’m saving a little hope deep in my heart that he will come back….STRESS

  3. jaeshinshikyung says:

    Episode 20 (My prediction)

    Shi Kyung is not dead!!! Everyone mistakenly thought he died but he was actually unconscious. He regained consciousness in the ambulance/hospital and told the medics/doctors that since everyone already thinks he’s dead leave it that way.
    He’s away somewhere recovering from his injuries and trying to become worthy of Jae Shin (as he promised in his video message to her).
    After some time Shi Kyung will return to Jae Shin…they will both openly declare they love each other then they’ll get married and live happily ever after 

    Jae Shin seems to be the only one grieving for Shi Kyung…everyone else is just going about their business 

    How come Dad did not take one last look at his son before the funeral??? That was his only child!!! He was so calm and emotionless!!! I just don’t understand 

    Bong Gu has to die!!! If he remains alive life will continue to be hell for the Royal Family and everyone associated with them.

    Maybe Shi Kyung will be the one to kill him 

    I am holding out hope until the very end that our Shi Kyung is still alive!!!!
    Jae Ha and Hang Ah can’t have all the happiness!!! That’s not fair 
    Let there be happiness for Jae Shin and Shi Kyung too!!!
    TK2H people promised us huge surprises in the end that nobody could predict but would be worth it.
    Please let one of those surprises be that Shi Kyung is alive and will return to reunite with Jae Shin!!!

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