KDrama – The King 2Hearts

Title: The King 2hearts
Previously known as: The King
Genre: Romance, Black Comedy
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: MBC
Year: 2012


The drama sets in present day where South Korea is fantasized as constitutional monarchy country. It tells the story of the transformation of irresponsible prince Lee Jae Ha into a responsible and worthy King, besides his love story with Kim Hang Ah, a Special Force instructor also a daughter of an influential family from the North Korea.

Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) always run away from his responsibility as a prince and feel grateful because his brother, Lee Jae Kang is there to do royal family duties. He is a genius with IQ of 187, but pretends to be a fool to hide his true ability. He always said to his brother that he is lucky to live in a new century where they do not have to draw sword to one another for the throne unlike Joseon period. His easygoing life ended when he enters WOC training by his brother’s instruction as one of his duty as a royal prince.

Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won) is the best female soldier in North Korea with exceptional skills and she is respected by his superiors, peers and juniors. She is too immersed in her career and never been in love before. She accepts the intruction to join WOC training with an option, the North Korean government will take responsibility for her marriage and find her the right man.

Both of them meet at the training center but both of them not in good term because of Jae Ha’s annoying behavior.

Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jeong Seok) is an upright man and live based on principles. He is responsible to guard the royal family especially the unpredictable Lee Jae Ha and uncrontollable Lee Jae Shin. His father has become his role model and live according to the path set by him. His world is shattered when he find out the other side of his father and decides to follow his own path later.

Lee Jae Shin (Lee Yoon Ji) is a free-minded and easy-going princess. She likes to sing and hates protocol.

Both of them have very different personality but because of an unexpected incident they become closer.

Kim Bong Gu/ John Meyer (Yoon Je Mon) is the chairman of Club M, a powerful military conglomerate who has a great connection and influence around the world with the power of money. He believes he is The King and become the thorn in South and North Korea reunification as well as Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah relationship.


The King 2Hearts is a rare gems and has become one of the best Korean Drama ever been produced! It also has increased the standard of Korean Drama in my eyes and goes beyond my expectation.

The King 2Hearts is supposed to be a fictional story of a Royal Family in South Korea but I feel like their characters are really exist in this world. It gives me everything that I want in a drama, a good laugh, hot romance, epic kisses, actions and heart breaking moments. Just say it…I will get it. But I cannot predict what is going to happen next, every episode ended with a cliffhanger and this is one the reason why I get hooked to it.

The hot and sizzling chemistry between Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah makes me feel giddy inside. The pure love between Lee Jae Shin and Eun Shi Kyung makes me root for them even more. The bromance between Lee Jae Ha And Eun Shi Kyung also his brother Lee Jae Kang put tears in my eyes. A close reationship between WOC team warm my heart.

I feel every character in this drama is very important because it gives impacts and left good impression in my head. Credit also must be given to Bonggu, the craziest villain in KDramaland…lol.

Hats off and standing ovation to the writer, director and cast for a very well written, well directed and well played drama…they are truly geniuses.

I am glad I took this roller coaster ride with The King 2Hearts because it’s worth my time and my tears. I need some time to get over with my withdrawal syndrome from this masterpiece drama…the one only The King 2Hearts.


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4 Responses to KDrama – The King 2Hearts

  1. jaeshinshikyung says:

    You have said everything that I wanted to say about this show!!!
    I feel exactly the same way.
    The crowning glory for me would be that
    1. Jo Jung Suk wins Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal of Commander Eun Shi Kyung,
    2. Lee Yoon Ji wins Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Princess Lee Jae Shin
    3. They both win the Best Couple Award!!!

  2. jaeshinshikyung says:

    K2H on the whole was an excellent production!!!
    I would be happy if it sweeps all of the awards!!!
    But definitely Jo Jung Suk and Lee Yoon Ji should be awarded for their performances…they stole the show for me!!! 🙂

  3. Diena says:

    Awesome drama…Thanks for sharing

  4. Adeline says:

    Lee Seung Gi as King Jae Ha was simply awesome. Love the drama and the actor!!

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