2012 Seoul International Drama Awards – Outstanding Korean Drama Prize and People’s Choice

The most prestigious award in Korean Dramaland finally comes back in 2012 to celebrate the best stars in industry. Korea.com will hold popularity vote for Outstanding Korean Drama Prize and People’s Choice. There are three prizes in the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize Category: Excellent Korean Drama, Outstanding Korean Actor, and Outstanding Korean Actress. The voting will begin on July 10 until August 5.

Whoaaa…It is a tough battle! All nominees deserved to be nominated based on their outstanding performance except for very few (let me stop at that point :P).

Personally I will choose “The King 2 Heart”, “The Princess’ Man” and “City Hunter” as my favorite to win Excellent Korean Drama category. As for Outstanding Korean Actor, I will choose Lee Seung GiPark Shi Hoo and Lee Min Ho, while for Outstanding Korean Actress I will go with Ha Ji Won and Moon Chae Won. But if I can vote, I will cast my vote for The King 2 Heart team because I am a certified Hearties…peace!

So who is your favorite folks? Vote your favorite star here:


Outstanding Korean Drama Prize – http://en.korea.com/event/sda2012/kdrama-prize/

People’s Choice – http://en.korea.com/event/sda2012/peoples-choice/


People’s Choice (Actor) – http://media.daum.net/entertain/showcase/seouldrama/?type=actor

People’s Choice (Actress) – http://media.daum.net/entertain/showcase/seouldrama/?type=actress



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10 Responses to 2012 Seoul International Drama Awards – Outstanding Korean Drama Prize and People’s Choice

  1. Danny says:


  2. Vickymillionbobe says:

    I am voting for CITY HUNTER but my mum Cindy is voting for KINGS 2 HEARTS!
    I like Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won. She only love LEE SEUNG GI the most.

  3. soo bin says:

    Park Si Hoo for Best Actor, The Princess’s Man for Best Drama,Ha Ji Won for Best Actress.my choices are based on technical excellence and not on popularity.unfortunately the actor with the biggest fanbase wins over the actor who has really excelled in acting.that’s why it’s frustrating.Acting awards should be decided by a team of respected judges in the acting field and not by popularity votes from fans.this is only my opinion.

  4. sonam choki gyeltshen says:

    for me i think lee sueng gi should get the best actor and ha ji won for the best actress. and for the best drama “THE KING 2 HEART” ❤

  5. My vote goes out to the king 2hearts. Best k-drama I’ve watched and could also be my love for politics. Also the drama was just so different from the typical k-dramas out there. As for lee seung gi, he has my vote for best actor because i was utterly surprised by his acting. Absolutely captivating!!! And love ha Ji won!!!

  6. Pete says:

    Beautiful and multi talented Ha Ji Won for The King 2 Hearts, she’s a stunner in all her actings

  7. Pete says:

    Wow! Gorgeous and stunning Ha Ji Won is the only female K actress nominated for the 2012 SDA Best TV Actress category in The King 2 Hearts by a panel of professionals, they know best!…..Cheers!

  8. unphepcha eonni says:

    lee sueng gi is the best actor and ha ji won for the best actress. and “THE KING 2 HEART” ❤ for the best drama …. ❤ Lee seung Gi n Ha Ji Won…

  9. marilyn says:

    Me too… I certified king 2 hearts fanatic. I love ur comment supper.

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