The King 2Hearts Episode 1

Jae Kang: Has the war started?

Jae Kang: Why did you barge in like that? You’re so small.
Jae Ha: Because you were getting hurt. If you get hurt, what will I do? You’re going to be the king in the future.
Jae Kang: Idiot, It won’t matter if I’m injured, You can take over as the king.
Jae Ha: That’s the reason I interfered. I would hate to be the king. If I become the king, I’d have to study like mad, and I’d have everyone controlling my life. I wouldn’t be able to play games and I’d be called away to strange places every day. Why would I want to be King? Am I crazy? If you get hurt and I have to be King, you’re so dead!

Jae Kang: 23 years ago, when the Berlin Wall was torn down, my father said this, “We too, hope that one day the North and South armies can train together.” After 23 years, this dream can finally become a reality. The WOC is an international gathering where military officials from many countries come together because of that. The Southern and Northern military officials have finally taken part together as a team. I want to see the citizens of the south and north living with peace in mind and not being anxious about war. So, WOC will be our first step towards it.

Chief Officer: Okay, have you decided? This WOC by just participating, it’s already considered as an honor.
Hang Ah: I’m not doing it.
Chief Officer: Consider it again. In history, this is the first time that the North and South officers are training together. As a member of the party, you should have a sense of responsibility’
Hang Ah: It’s because of that! Appearing on television only once, but the entire country thinks that I’m a scary woman who can take down 12 men by myself, someone they should definitely stay away from. Is that how you want to help…publicize me everywhere?
Chief Officer: From what I see, it’s not the problem that you can’t get married but your bad temper.
Hang Ah: You’re right. It’s all my fault. Just to train the soldiers, I lose my temper everyday. While the other girls are dressing up beautifully, I’m doing field training.
This is all my fault, for being so dedicated to the motherland. Are you satisfied now?
Chief Officer: So, you are trying to say you’re afraid that WOC will impede on your love life, that’s why you’re not competing?
Hang Ah: How can you say it’s my love life?
Chief Officer: I understand, I understand. I’ll take responsibility.
Hang Ah: What are you referring to?
Chief Officer: As long as I can find comrade Gim Hang Ah’s woman life, it’s enough right?

Palace Officer: This is a simple inspection routine before having an audience with the King. Please cooperate.

Hang Ah: Hello, I’m Korean People’s Army Captain Kim Hang Ah.
Jae Kang: I’m the King of South Korea, Lee Jae Kang.

Jae Kang: There is one person among the group who always makes people have an extreme headache, please help me making him thoroughly awake.

Officer: If you could just sign to acknowledge the officer rank…
Jae Ha: Sure, I’ll sign. Where? Sign here?
Officer: Here as well.

Jae Ha: I solemnly swear, I, as an officer of the Republic of Korea, will be loyal to the nation, will respect the constitution and law legislation’s, and fulfill the given duty and tasks, in this oath.
Jae Kang: You must abide by it.

Jae Ha: Hyeong, what’s wrong with you? A few hours before, I just got discharged from the military service.
Jae Kang: But you are the one who wanted to do this.
Jae Ha: This is for my officer appointment…The king cheats people! Moreover towards your own dongsaeng. Hyeong. I’m just a Sergeant, I can’t win against an officer. I can’t!
Jae Kang: It’s all right to lose. Think of it as a friendly match.

Jae Ha: Exactly why are you so persistent about the WOC? Is it because of father? Wanting to be a filial child?
Jae Kang: Do you not know of the things that I repeated over and over again? I really hope one day we will not have to worry about war.
Jae Ha: Can this problem be settled by just one round of game? Why does war still exist in this world?
Jae Kang: To let the other countries know. The North and South relationship is already very close, so don’t interfere with us.
Jae Ha: Why must this be done by us, by hyeong? Because you’re the king?
Jae Kang: Yes. We’re the Royal Family.

Chief Adviser Eun: I’m now delivering you the king’s message. From today onwards, Lee Jae Ha will be kicked out from the palace. All of his living expenses will not be covered. Members of the Royal family is expected to discuss the issue of whether your status of the king’s brother will be stripped. Your status will be reduced to a commoner immediately. Do you want to participate in the WOC training or do you want to leave the palace to become a nobody?
Jae Ha: Must I undergo the training?
Chief Adviser Eun: There will be a WOC general assembly 6 months from now. You must participate for a duration of one month in the general assembly. My son as a leader from the south will go through the training together with you. If you have any queries, you can ask him. And please focus on your training.
Jae Ha: That’s right.

Jae Ha: You’re pretty good with guns, right? Just shoot towards my finger. You only need to graze it slightly. Just make it so that I can’t pull the trigger, but you can’t make it too serious. Only a little bleed. I’ll fool my way through the rest. Taking around 2 weeks to recover will be fine.

Shi Kyung: Where? Here?
Jae Ha: What are you doing right now? Do you have the confidence? Will recovering after 2 weeks be fine? Besides, do you dare pull the trigger? Shoot me. If you dare to.

Jae Ha: Fine, just take it that I admit to your courage. But what should I do? I really like to hold a grudge. You’re going to be dead.
Shi Kyung: I was a little frustrated, but you seem a bit different from the rumors.

Kang Seok: You’re here? Come in.

Chief Officer: It’s been settled that a South and North is to be in one room.
Jae Ha: What about Eun Si Gyeong? He seems to be in a single room.
Chief Officer: Eun Si Gyeong is the South’s Team Leader, so…
Jae Ha: That’s specialization, Colonel. So to be fair, give me a single room.
Chief Officer: This is a regulation, Royal Prince. This has been decided after a detailed discussion between the South and North. This took a year’s time. But to change it now, that is really inappropriate. Oh right, the North’s Captain is a female.
Jae Ha: Female… there’s a female officer?

Hang Ah: Living in the same room as a male comrade?
Chief Officer: It’s the South’s Royal Prince that was the last to participate. There’s nothing that can be done. At such a situation, we must cope well together to set an example for the South.
Hang Ah: How can sharing a room with a male set an example? If this was to spread, what will I do?
Chief Officer: Everything is in our control, so there won’t be any rumors. There’s also a possibility that our Comrade Kim Hang Ah can have 2 wishes come true.
Hang Ah: Comrade Chief!

Hang Ah: I’m Kim Hang Ah.
Jae Ha: It looks like it was my mistake to have looked forward to you as a woman.

Hang Ah: I look everyday, so I feel very familiar. Your butt has a birthmark, right?
Jae Ha: How do you know?
Hang Ah: I have my ways. Please take a sit, Comrade Lee Jae Ha.

Hang Ah: Although my self-introduction is a bit late, I’m Korean People’s Army’s 11th Sniper Brigade Division’s instructor, Kim Hang Ah. It is also what you the South calls the “Special Forces”. Did you think that I’m willing to be your comrade? For the past years, I have been researching on your learning and education. Guess what the content is? Public enemy, Lee Jae Ha. Kill on sight.

Subtitles extract from DramaFever


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