The King 2Hearts Episode 2

Chief Adviser Eun: Do you want to know the news about Club M? The Chairman, Mr. Mayer seems to be seriously ill. Since they have already put out news of his critical condition, they will be tied up with internal matters for a while.
King Jae Kang: Who will be impacted the most by the WOC at this time?
Chief Adviser Eun: Of course, it will be Club M.
King Jae Kang: They’re arms dealers that depend on the army to make a living. Throughout the whole world, they have a large network of lobbyists. No one knows what they’re going to do.
Chief Adviser Eun: All right, I’ll find out more.

Jae Ha: Hyeong, do you know what just happened? That woman from the North, the WOC team leader, she had the nerve to threaten to kill me in the washroom. And also, an officer on our side pointed a gun at me. Guess who it was. It was Secretary Eun’s son! Hyeong, isn’t it unbelievable!
King Jae Kang: This brat is really getting out of hand. In future, don’t answer calls from Jae Ha.

Hang Ah: Wow, you do use lots of skincare products! Can I try some?
Jae Ha: This is really interesting. Why don’t you use your own instead of someone else’s? You’re really shameless. You just beat me up, don’t you feel embarrassed?
Hang Ah: What are you going on and on about? If you want to say something, speak up.
Jae Ha: H-Here! I was going to give you some. Instead of this bottle, have a try of this one.
Hang Ah: Don’t squeeze so much.
Jae Ha: No, you must apply it thoroughly. Then it’ll be better absorbed. Come on, try it.

Hang Ah: But…What is this?
Jae Ha: Oh, I’m really sorry… This is shaving cream! It’s definitely not for you…This brand I use is for skin that is sensitive.

Hang Ah: What’s going on? Because of Comrade Lee Jae Ha, we couldn’t start the training immediately. Haven’t you seen that he’s not even able to run one lap around the track? We need to at least get him in shape first.
Shi Kyung: Okay. I understand what you mean.

Kang Seok: Comrade Eun Si Gyeong has currently chosen the most difficult method. He shows the exemplary attitude of a leader. Because of another comrade that is dragging the team down, he’s trying even harder. How does that make you feel?
Jae Ha: I feel it…I now know what kind of person he is…He’s crazy. He’s completely crazy. I really don’t understand. I’m getting goosebumps all over my body.

Hang Ah: Polonium 210? Isn’t that an assassination weapon that the Nuclear Weapons Research Institute made?
Young Bae: The thing that Comrade Ri Gang Seok is talking about is the poisonous needle that’s even more toxic than Hydrogen Chloride by 25 million times? Th-that poisonous needle, do we really have to use it?
Kang Seok: Only one prick will do. When it’s all quiet, when he has fallen asleep, we will make his heart stop beating. Entrust it to me. If Comrade Gim Hang A doesn’t go, I’ll go and handle it. Don’t try to stop me!
Hang Ah: Don’t be like this! Even if you can’t bear Comrade Lee Jae Ha, you can’t do that, to the Royalty of the South…

Hang Ah: H-how much did you hear? We were only kidding around, so just forget about it.
Jae Ha: Oh, of course! However…you should really calm him down.
Hang Ah: That’s right. But…But no one can predict the future. That person… in a split second…He’s such a hot-head.

Jae Ha: Who is it? Who brought tears to our Team Leader?…So he cheated on you?
Hang Ah: It’s not like that. Since we’re close friends, he probably wanted me to help him.
Jae Ha: But still, how can he just call you to come so he could practice on you? He never took part in the army, right? He was excused, right?
Hang Ah: How did you know? Choe Gi Un was exempted.
Jae Ha: These guys, North or South, are exactly the same. Just forget about him. I’m sure you’ll meet a better man.

Hang Ah: Being a soldier is my profession. However, they find that I’m attractive when they carefully look at me. Men say that I’m dependable and honest. They treat me like their dongsaeng. People tell me they wish they had a son like me. What exactly is my problem?
Jae Ha: Do you really want to know? Those guys are blind. In my eyes, Ms. Gim Hang A is a woman. Attractive and lovable.

Jae Ha: What’s wrong? Can’t sleep?
Hang Ah: You go to that side.
Jae Ha: You’re from the Special Forces. Don’t tell me you’re afraid I’ll throw myself at you? I’m just an Army Sergeant, so I wouldn’t dare. So just relax and sleep. Go on, sleep.
Hang Ah: Stop hitting…
Jae Ha: Gim Hang A. Do you know why you don’t have a boyfriend?  It’s because you’re too fierce. Sometimes, you just need to accept things…

Hang Ah: Yesterday… what did you do? To me… yesterday over there…
Jae Ha: I went to sleep.
Hang Ah: Really. Just went to sleep?
Jae Ha: Did you do anything else?

Jae Ha: But what happened to you this morning? Did you have a dream about me kissing you? Really? In your dream, how did I treat you? Was it a French kiss? Then I must be grateful to you. I didn’t know that you thought of me as someone special. But what should I do? I feel absolutely nothing for you. There is a woman standing right in front of me, and I don’t have the slightest feeling. Your hand? I’d rather hold the steering wheel of a car. When the car has a bit of fire, it would make rumbling vibrations. But this, is really just a… hand. Even when you came out after a shower, I felt very comfortable. That’s it. What shall you do? You want to get married…But you… you’re not a woman.

Subtitles extract from DramaFever


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