The King 2Hearts Episode 3

Hang Ah: I’m sorry. I feel that I don’t have the qualifications to be the Team Leader. I’m quitting. To be honest, participating in this training, my state of mind has never been stable enough. I was a bit too selfish.
Jae Ha:She made a request to the Labor Party to help her find a man. In my opinion, we should quickly let her leave the army to find a good man.

Kang Seok: I believe, Comrade Gim Hang A has the qualifications to be a great revolutionary soldier. I firmly believe it. Please continue being in-charge of our team, Team Leader, Comrade Gim Hang A.
Young Bae: Comrade Gim Hang A. Please don’t go.
Dong Ha: That’s right, strictly speaking, everyone here, who isn’t a bit selfish? Just stay.

Jae Ha: I’m giving you some core elements to do. Actually, all men are the same. First, it’s the appearance. A woman that can speak a common language? It’s nonsense. Being beautiful is a must. And then? Pretty idiot. Oppa is so handsome. Oppa is the best.That type of woman is the best. To be honest, I feel that they aren’t idiots. They really know what works, it’s instincts. After that, is an understanding heart. You must be able to accept everything.  Regardless that he can’t earn money or cheats. You must use a mother’s heart and give a mother’s love. You must also act like a cute child. You can’t talk back. During the day, you must be as pure as the blue sky, and at night you must be…

Hang Ah: Women from the ancient times and now are all the same. You still remember what I said last time, right? I want a considerate, reliable and an understanding man. But what do you have? Those foolish girls that follow and call you “Royal Prince” everyday, what would they say behind your back? They laughed behind your back saying you’re an arrogant jerk.
Jae Ha: Actually, there’s a special law in the royal family of the south.
Hang Ah: You’re actually quite afraid, right? “I’m afraid that I’m really an idiot.” “I’m afraid that I can’t meet my sweetheart.” The Royal Prince Lee Jae Ha of the South… is really pitiful.
Jae Ha: Hey, there’s a limit to a person’s patience.
Hang Ah: Angry? Let’s have a duel then. Although my foot still hurts a bit, I can still fix you. You’re really afraid, right? Thinking of how to escape everyday. You’re even thinking of how to escape now, right? You also feel that you’re very useless, right? If you’re blaming anything, blame it on your cowardice. You have neither the toughness or the will to fight. You don’t have pride either.

Jae Ha: Come out.
Hang Ah: Are we really having a duel?
Jae Ha: You run until you can’t run anymore. The person that can hold on till the end wins.
Hang Ah: Can the winner have a wish granted?
Jae Ha: Sure. You’ll disappear from here forever.

Jae Kang: A bomb?
Chief Adviser Eun: Although it hasn’t been confirmed, according to the chief’s, it seems like it wasn’t done by the North. Because the exercise equipment was too old, it got changed. But by the next day, there was an outbreak of this matter. The North and South are still investigating by what means it was brought in.
Jae Kang: Jae Ha… is he okay?

Hang Ah: What are you doing?
Jae Ha: I was helping you move your hair out of the way. Are you all right?
Hang Ah: I’m all right, as long as I don’t see you.
Jae Ha: Hey, why are you talking like that?
Hang Ah: That thing in the machine, when did you put it in?
Jae Ha: You’re not thinking that I placed the bomb…Didn’t I run together with you? We ran together.
Hang Ah: That’s why I’m saying, we had to run together, to break away from the suspicion. “I want to make it “bang!”, and kill everyone with the explosion.” Isn’t it?

Jae Ha: This is the North’s doing. It’s her. The one that said we should have a duel, Is her the North.
Hang Ah: Was it not you that went to the exercise room first?
Jae Ha: Didn’t you say that the special training was there?
Hang Ah: Who was the one whining to go indoors because of the cold?
Jae Ha: When did I?…Just have to think. If it’s not the North, then who can it be? Who would do such a thing?
Hang Ah: We would never go so small scale. If we wanted to do it, we’d do it grandly! Bang!
Jae Ha: Look. Just look at her. Look at what she just said. She herself is a bomb.

Jae Ha: Why are we not allowed to participate in the competition? Is WOC opened by your family? Why are you making a big fuss here? Why are you bothered with other people’s business? Manage yourself well first. Are the procedures completed? Is it formally approved by the United Nations? Did you all just come and go as and when you like? Anyway, the point is…you all should be respectful in your requests. Like “Can we inspect this, please?” But you all made a huge uproar instead. How do you feel about it? You group of meddlesome dog bastards!

Jae Kang: Dog. Bastard.
Chief Adviser Eun: The translator did not translate exactly what was said. The translator was sent away after smoothing things over. But worry about translating the Royal Prince heated emotions. It’s possibly that “meddlesome” these kind of words are harder to translate. But dog…This is a popular swear word.
Jae Kang: The Chief Secretary must express our deepest regrets. Make sure to say, that our training will be proceeded much safer than other countries. And we have the confidence of grabbing the victory.

Jae Ha: Hey, you can’t treat me like this. Hey, if it wasn’t for me, your underwear would’ve been exposed for all to see. This is terrible evidence. Gim Hang A’s underwear. The underwear that has been exposed to the whole world by the United Nations. Hey, Gim Hang A, Gim Hang A! Open it… hey!
Hang Ah: Thank you…
Jae Ha: W-what? Hey, Gim Hang A! Are you talking about me? Hey, what did you say?Hey, Gim Hang A, Gim Hang A! Open it!

Jae Kang :What do you think of Ms. Gim Hang A?
Jae Ha: Gim Hang A…Her character is quite good. Her skin complexion is soft and tight, and her face is angled too. She has a lot of strength. She has the best personality.
Jae Kang: Are you unsatisfied with that many things?
Jae Ha: No, it’s all right. If I was to get married, I’ll go back and live in the South, right?
Jae Kang : Oh, well…If you’re getting married…it should be like that, right?
Jae Ha: Then it is possible to come over to the South and live an easy life of a capitalist? And if there’s any remaining rice, I can bring it to the North. Wow…The remaining rice…No, no…She’ll rob the storehouse. She might even rob the bank. After that, if she follows me to the Inspection Team, she’ll take photos, and send it to the North. The most important thing is that she has Polonium 210. That is a poisonous needle. If she gets hot-headed, we’ll all be dead. Oh, I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter how much I love her, I don’t want to see hyeong die like that. I’m really sorry.

Jae Ha: Might as well just shoot a fairy tale story. What’s with the South and North Officer’s unified team? Do you all take WOC as a student sports competition? There’s no hope.

Jae Ha: Did you do it on purpose? That’s right, you must be happy. Coming to the wealthy South and moreover the Royal Family, without thinking, I still know. I know, I can understand. But to make a person jealous, isn’t that too childish?
Hang Ah: Jealous?
Jae Ha: But, you’ve got the wrong person. Just like you said, I’m surrounded by girls all day. With your little bit of smartness, I can even see the movements of the nerve fibers in your brain. What to do?
Hang Ah: What jealousy? Comrade Lee Jae Ha, are you currently jealous? What should I do about this? I didn’t even think about it, and you’ve become jealous. Comrade Lee Jae Ha, do you like me that much?
Jae Ha: Fine, you can just live like that. To live your whole life alone, must be lonely. Having a bit of a wrong impression makes it easier, isn’t it?
Hang Ah: You’re right. Then, I’ll continue having a snowball fight. Comrade Eun Si Gyeong!

Jae Ha: This person!

Subtitles extract from DramaFever


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