Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Malaysia (Photos)

On November 2nd, the most awaited event for Malaysia Airen which is Fan Meeting with their most beloved oppa/dongsaeng Lee Seung Gi was ended successfully. The show started a little bit late (I forgot to check what time it was started because too immersed with Lee Seung Gi’s song that were being played) and ended at 10pm.

Seunggi was so adorable on stage. He tried to communicate much in English especially during Fan Activity and his English is really cute! His smiles never disappears from his face through out the show even though he was tired, which makes us love him even more.

Here are some photos which I managed to take before the event started.

Waiting area for VIP Lucky winner.

Registration & Merchandise Booth

Lucky winners waiting for fan signing event

Flower Wreaths from Airens around the world (I only take some of them, there are a lot more at the entrance)

The crowds start to fill in the seats before the event started

Fans start leaving the hall after the event ended while VIP ticket holders start to line up for photo session.

Seunggi-ah please come again! ^^


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