KDrama – Nice Guy

Title: Nice Guy
Also known as: The Nice Guy Never Seen Before / No Such Thing As Nice Guys
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: KBS2
Year: 2012


The story of love, revenge and redemption.

Kang Maru (Song Jong Ki) dreams to become a doctor after years of living with his little sister who has poor health condition. He is a promising medical student but fate has another agenda for him. One night, his sister’s health become worst and he receives a phone call from Han Jae Hee (Park Si Yeon). She sounds completely panic and she asks Maru to come over to her place immediately to save someone. Maru has to choose between his sister and his woman. He decides to go to his woman even though his sister begs him to stay.

When he arrives at the motel room, he finds one man laying on the floor bleeding with no heartbeat anymore. He consoles and advises Jae Hee to call the police and turn herself in. After a while, she finally calm down and call the police but Maru cut off the line. He decides to take the blame because he want to see Jae Hee pursue her dreams to become an anchorwoman.

5 years later, Maru has been released from prison and he find out that Han Jae Hee has became a mistress to a wealthy man. He starts to take revenge by approaching the only daughter of that man, Seo Eun Gi (Moon Chae Won).

Seo Eun Gi is a workaholic and cold princess because she was raised up by a very strict father. She met with Maru in one incident and realizes that she has special feeling for him.Kang Maru makes her feels like a woman again. She go against her father’s will and starts her relationship with Kang Maru. But she discovers Maru’s true intention of approaching her and decides to break up with him. On her way back after the break up, she receives a message saying that her father has passed away. With a broken heart, she drives on opposite direction and causes an accident.

1 year later, all of them meet again for redemption.

My Comments:

Honestly I a little bit worried to take on this drama that was written by writer Lee Kyeong Hee because I have bad experiences from her previous dramas such as ‘A Love to Kill’ and ‘Sang Do, Let’s Go to School’ which have ‘sad ending’. But Song Jong Ki and Moon Chae Won’s pairing drawn me to watch the first episode and their acting were really good. How can I not watch the next episode when I always ended at cliffhanger on every episode?

I am really impressed by Song Jong Ki’s acting especially his eyes expression. His eyes alone can makes my heart flutter when he plays romantic scenes, makes my heart cries when he plays emotional part and he makes my heart chill when he planned something in his mind. Since when he become this good? He can throw away flower boy image and can proudly hold the hot guy title now.

Meanwhile, I always views actress Moon Chae Won as a good young actresses with big potential. She can bring alive any character given to her, at least she never disappoint me yet in any of her dramas that I have watched before.

Other supporting actors also play fair shares to give colors to this drama. I hate Han Jae Hee’s manipulative character. I despise Lawyer Ahn Min Young obsessiveness of power. I pity Lawyer Park unrequited love story. Meanwhile Jae Gil and Choco coupling gives fun mode to this drama. They really nailed me down with their amazing performance

Kudos to everyone who was involved in this drama. I can say, Nice Guy is one of the best dramas in 2012.


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