Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s new drama ties knot with MBC

What…MBC again?! I have unpleasant memories with MBC after what they did to one of my favorite drama  last year, The King 2 Hearts. I silently hope, Lee Seung Gi will never work with MBC again…yes, I hold grudges like King Lee Jae Ha.


Now, Suzy is confirmed for female lead role! I hope the producer not only thinking about ratings when they decides to cast Suzy for that role. Wait…this drama will be broadcasted by MBC right?! Hmm…Yep! rating is everything. But they must remember not all idols can bring good ratings to their drama.

May be this is the chance for Suzy to improve her acting skills and silence all those people who said she can’t act. Including me! I sincerely hope she can do it, a bigger role comes with bigger responsibility and higher expectation. I will give her one more chance…because of Lee Seung Gi.

Having said that, I hope this drama will bring Lee Seung Gi to a new higher level in his acting career. I want it to be something that Korean Drama fans can treasure. He keeps talking about his new drama at his fan’s meeting last year. He also talked about it in his interviews. He work hard to fit into his new role…Yeah, just like Lee Seung Gi’s Style. He seems happy and satisfied with his new role. I think I can put away my bad memories about MBC for a while because of Lee Seung Gi.

Lee Seung Gi fighting!
Suzy Fighting!
Gu Family’s Book Fighting!

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One Response to Lee Seung Gi and Suzy’s new drama ties knot with MBC

  1. manassuper says:

    i don’t think they took suzy for ratings becoz not one of her drama had good rating…big was a big flop…. but i feel everybody deserve a fair chance and she can definitetly improve maybe the seunggi effect can bring a radicle change in her and she can giver her best performance in the drama…..when the ratings man lee seung gi is on board no need to worry about ratings unless the storyline is weak…….knowing seunggi had a meeting with the director before confirming i bet the script was awesome…..since everthing is finalized let’s put our trust on lee seung gi,writer and PD nim to make a awesome drama

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