[BTS] TK2H Photos – Japanese Version DVD

Photos of the day!

1) Romantic piano scene shooting bts
While waiting for shooting, Seung Gi played the piano randomly. Director said he wants to listen to “Because you’re my woman”. Seung Gi really coordinated  and even sang a small part. Everyone  laughed.
Kyaaa…Seunggi sang “Because you’re my woman” while playing the piano?! So romantic *drooling*
piano1 piano2

2) Proposal scene
Hang Ah cried for a long time. It was a pity that the scene during the broadcast was short. The photo below shows Hang Ah wiping away the tears on Seung Gi’s shoulder after the director shouted “Cut”.
Seunggi’ was smiling from ear to ear! *heart-warming*

3) Hang Ah hugging Seung Gi scene
This was an NG because Seung Gi’s facial expression was too happy. He was even teased by the director ” You were too happy ah”. Everyone laughed.
Seunggi-ah, you intentionally doing that because you like to be hugged by your noona right? lol;P

4) Ah-ha couple “bed” scene
The rehearsal for this scene were long ah…but it was all edited out during broadcast.
Can you find where is Seunggi’s left hand in the first photo? hahaha
bed1 bed2

5) During gun shooting scene
Ji Won felt that the gun shot sound is scary (jokingly) so she hid behind Jung Man Sik for protection..hehe… she even waved and asked Seung Gi to join her.XDD
Playful couple. lol
hide1 hide2

I hope someone will share this BTS video soon. I’m going crazy all over again! XXD

Credit: tesuko via baidu tieba
Watch more photos and behind story at lsgairenint


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3 Responses to [BTS] TK2H Photos – Japanese Version DVD

  1. sulthanah says:

    Do you know what the cure of the king 2 hearts’ syndrome? I watch many new films and dramas but I am always back to the king 2 hearts. What should I do? *a new heartiss from Indonesia. i finished watching this drama in the mid dec of 2013 but till now I have watched it again and again for many times

    • joenjohana says:

      I still can’t cure TK2H’s syndrome myself. I’ve gone through the same situation like you before. I bet all hearties do. TK2H is one of a kind drama that hold a special place in our heart 🙂

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