KDrama – I Do, I Do

I Do

Title: I Do, I Do
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Year: 2012


The story of love between a woman and a man younger than her. How their life are connected after one night stand!

A successful shoe designer Hwang Ji-An (Kim Sun Ah,) enjoys a stable life and in the height of her career. In her late 30’s, she is not interested in marriage and only interested in one thing…shoes!

Park Tae-Kang (Lee Jang Woo), a reckless and immature boy, never finishes his high school education and has no dreams. He works with his father who runs a fake shoe business and always gets into trouble.

One day, while celebrating her father’s 70th birthday party, Ji-An receives a phone call from her subordinates about a problem at a fashion show. She silently leaves the party but on her way to the fashion show venue, she runs into a motorbike driven by Tae-Kang. They have an argument but they finally make a deal when Ji-An offers to pay for the damages if Tae-Kang gives her a lift to the fashion show.

After that, Tae-Kang sends Ji-An back to the hotel but her father’s birthday celebration has ended and her parents already left. Then, Tae-Kang takes her to the Seoul Station to catch her parents before they leave. He keeps following her to get money to repair his motorbike. Ji-An has an argument with her father.

Ji-An not in a good mood. So, Tae-Kang brings her to his friend’s restaurant but she is too drunk to be left alone. The next morning, both of them are freaked out after realizes that they are on the same bed…naked. But they pretend like nothing happened.

My Comments:

This drama is so hilarious. The love story between Hwang Ji-An & Park Tae-Kang is thrilling me because of their age difference, personality and perspective in life. I keep wanting to see their scenes on screen. I just love how they develop it…nicely done.

Nothing much to say about Kim Sun Ah’s acting because she is one of the best actresses in Korea and she always nailed down every character she’s in. Meanwhile Lee Jang Woo’s acting also is great and he portrays a kind hearted, sweet and innocent man very well. Their on screen chemistry is awesome!

However, the ending is too messy for me and I’m quite disappointed. But still, I like this drama 🙂


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