KDrama – School 2013

School13 Poster

Title: School 2013
Genre: Teen Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Year: 2013


The story depicts the struggles and real problems happen in school nowadays. It is the fifth installment of KBS’s “School” series which aired from 1999 through 2002.

Jung In-jae (Jang Nara) & Kang Se-chan (Choi Daniel) are two homeroom teachers for class 2-2, the last ranking class for grade 2. Both of them have different personality and using different method of teaching but they are teaching the same subject, Korean Language. Their mission is ensure all students are able to graduate.

Go Nam-soon (Lee Jong-suk) is the class president for class 2-2 and has no ambition. He just wants to graduate from high school and live quietly. Park Heung-soo (Kim Woo-bin) was forced to move school a few times because of discipline problem. They used to be best friends but become enemy because of one unfortunate incident. They never expect to meet again and study in the same class.

Oh Jeong-ho (Kwak Jung-Wook) is a school’s gangster, always absent from school and other students will feel uncomfortable with his presence.

Song Ha-kyung (Park Se Young) & Lee Kang-joo (Ryu Hyo Young) come from different family background but it does not stop them to be a good friend.

My Comments:

What a memorable ride.

Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from this drama because I did not watch its previous seasons. I give it a try because I hope to see some romances between Jang Nara and Choi Daniel because they have a good chemistry in ‘Babyfaced Beauty’ but I’m pleased it did not end that way.

Surprisingly, after episode one, I’m totally hooked. The storyline is straightforward, feel very close to reality from beginning to end. No complicated plots, very much like how our school lives are (were) but the writer able to make it interesting and appealing with his/her sincere approach.

There are good students, poor students and troublemakers in schools. There also have teachers like Jung In-jae and Kang Se-chan. But how these people learn from each other to be a better person either as a student or a teacher is makes me swell with emotions. It really touch my heart.


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