Actress Ha Ji Won to Make Her Drama Comeback with “Hwatu”


Kyaaa~ My drama queen is coming back!

The news about my favorite actress will make a comeback to dramaland really excite me. I feel like the Kdrama seeds in me is going to sprout again this time…hopefully!

Ha Ji Won will plays Empress Ki in 60 episodes drama, called Hwatu. Oh yes…she will play the queen again, this time in Saeguk drama after she becomes the queen of modern Korea in “The King 2 Hearts”. I love the fact that I can watch her on my laptop 2 times per week but I’m not a loyal fan of more than 24 episodes drama…so, good luck to me!

Who is Empress Ki? She was born in Goryeo into a high class family. She was sent to Yuan to becomes a concubine of the Yuan emperor and eventually becomes an empress which plays an important role in Yuan court. If you are the fans of “Faith”, she is the sister of Gi Cheol, a villain character in the drama (I don’t pay much attention when he brags about his sister in the drama, but now I’m digging for more information about her…haha).

Who are the masterminds behind Hwatu? I have no doubt with the writer’s ability because he has an impressive track record with “History of The Salaryman” and “Giant” (I just naming 2 dramas that I have watched). However about the PD, I’m not a fan of his work before. Well…May be I should not judge him because I only watched one of his work which is “Over The Rainbow”, but the combination of them look a little unstable. For now, I just trust Ha Ji Won’s insight because she must have think thoroughly before she decides to work with them.

Now, the big question is who will be her new leading man?! I have a few names in my head…

Cha Seung Won (Whoa…they will make a hot sizzling couple!) CSW_Hwatu

Jang Hyuk (The hot badass couple!)JH_Hwatu

Song Jong Ki (The hot cute couple…nosebleed!) SJK_Hwatu

and Lee Seung Gi (In my dreams!) 🙂 LSG_Hwatu

Hwatu is scheduled to begin airing in mid-October after “Goddess of Fire”.


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One Response to Actress Ha Ji Won to Make Her Drama Comeback with “Hwatu”

  1. Hahaha!!Seung Gi in our dream sis….

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