Empress Ki Episode 1-2

Empress Ki makes a grand entrance, show off her power and dominates the timeslot with good ratings!

Episode 1: The Coronation Day


The first episode is quite a fast-paced for 50 episodes drama but it leave a good first impression and makes me curious of how the next episode will look like!

The first five minutes clearly show the complicated relationship between main characters. Emperor Huizong of Yuan (Ji Chang Wook) and King Wang Yu of Goryeo (Joo Jin Mo) love the same woman, Sung Nyang/Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won). The Empress loves The King in return but decides to stay in Yuan with The Emperor.
Ki1-1 Ki1-3

Then the story goes back to Sung Nyang’s tough childhood live. After her mother was killed by Yuan slave traders, she disguises herself as a boy in order to survive. She has a two missions which is to find her father and to free Goryeo women from being traded to Yuan.
Ki1-4 Ki1-5

The story also introduces the powerless prince Wang Yu who pretends to be a fool while finding ways to reveal his uncle’s corruption and bring him down. That uncle is Sung Nyang’s boss!
Ki1-6 Ki1-7 Ki1-8 Ki1-9 Ki1-10 Ki1-11Ki1-13

AGB Nielsen: Nationwide 11.1% (9th) / Seoul 13.3% (4th)
TMnS: Nationwide 10.1% (13th) / Seoul 12.3% (8th)

Episode 2: The abdication

Another fast-paced episode full of action, fun and political elements. Sung Nyang was caught by Prince Wang Yu’s men while trafficking salt. She was interrogated but managed to escape and tell the prince about his uncle’s plan. They finally know that they are on the same boat!

Meanwhile Commander Ki only knew about the incident that killed his family 10 years ago! At the same time he received a complaint from the merchant about a group of thug who always creates trouble to their business. He asked for the group leader to be arrested. That leader is Sung Nyang…his daughter!

Then the story introduces the young and vulnerable prince Huizong who rather making a fool of himself to protect his life and his first meeting with Sung Nyang!
Ki2-5Ki2-6 Ki2-7

P/S: I always skip palace conflict because politic makes me headache but this episode is different. Especially when new King Wang Yu knows how to use his power.

AGB Nielsen: Nationwide 13.6% (4th; +2.5%) / Seoul 15.8% (4th; +2.5%)
TNmS: Nationwide 12.0% (6th; +1.9%) / Seoul 14.6% (4th; +2.3%)


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