Empress Ki Episode 3-4

This is again another interesting episode of “Empress Ki”. The relationship between Wang Yu – Sung Nyang – Huzhong/ Prince Ta Hwan starts to develop. Both men are trying to become our heroine’s best buddy.46 episodes more to go…writer-nim, keep it up!

Episode 3: Exiled Prince Ta Hwan in Goryeo Land

The new King of Goryeo, Wang Yu and his followers speed up to Yuan’s campsite upon sensing that something bad will happen.

Back at Sung Nyang’s tent, she thought the stranger in her tent is a Yuan’s soldier who tried to escape. Ki3-1

She brought him to horse stable and ordered him to clean horse dung. Ta Hwan revealed that he is the Yuan’s prince but Sung Nyang don’t believe it.Ki3-2 Ki3-3

Goryeo soldiers found out later that Yuan soldiers were gone and suddenly they are under attack.Ki3-4

Sung Nyang received an order to save Prince Ta Hwan but she found Ta Hwan’s eunuch wearing the Crown Prince’s robe in his tent instead. The poor eunuch was killed by the attacker who thought he was the real prince.

Sung Nyang found Ta Hwan was sounds asleep inside a box in her room the following morning. She still doesn’t know that he is the Crown Prince she supposed to protect.Ki3-5

Wang Yu’s arrival saves Ta Hwan from being killed by General Baek Ahn.Ki3-6Ki3-7Ki3-8

Sung Nyang finally knows that Wang Yu is The King of Goryeo.Ki3-9

Ta-hwan was then escorted to the city of Gaegyeong.Ki3-10

In the city, Wang Yu prohibited Yuan’s official from meeting the Prince to make sure of his safety. He really cold towards Ta Hwan and warned him to not die in Goryeo land.Ki3-11

He got to know that it’s actually Sung Nyang who saved the Prince. They finally have a reunion.Ki3-12

Unhappy Byung Soo met with Wang Go (Wang Yu’s uncle) and received order to kill Ta Hwan.Ki3-13

Meanwhile Sung Nyang received a special mission from the King to protect Ta Hwan and become his shadow. Ta Hwan acts childish and ordered Sung Nyang do chores but she took it as her job and always remains with him.Ki3-14 Ki3-15

Wang Go’s spy, Byung Soo gets an opportunity to complete his job while Sung Nyang was taking her bath. On her way back to Prince’s room, Sung Nyang dropped the couple rings that belong to her parents and Commander Ki found it.Ki3-16

She realized that there was someone inside Ta-hwan’s room and fought with the masked man.Ki3-17 Ki3-18

AGB Nielsen: Nationwide 12.8% (6th; -.8%) / Seoul 14.5% (5th; -1.3%)
TNmS: Nationwide 11.7% (11th; -.3%) / Seoul 14.9% (4th; +.3%)

Episode 4: Exiled Prince Ta Hwan in Goryeo Land

Sung Nyang managed to slice the masked man’s arm before he managed to escape.

Commander Ki was unhappy when they failed to catch the injured man while Byung Soo was there. He decided to confront Sung Nyang about rings but Sung Nyang chose to remain as his subordinate instead of living as his daughter.Ki4-1

Childish Ta Hwan keeps nagging Sung Nyang to train him sword fighting and archery. Sung Nyang gave up and started to train him. Unfortunately, she hurt his head but he said that he hurt himself to protect her from being scold.ki4-2 ki4-3

Unsatisfied Ta Hwan who already lost to Sung Nyang in sword fighting and archery pleaded her into bringing him out for horse ride, bragging that it’s his specialty.ki4-4 ki4-5 ki4-6 ki4-7

They end up fighting on the beach and Ta Hwan admitted that he could never beat Sung Nyang but he wanted to live. He vowed to stay alive in order to avenge his father’s death while Sung Nyang kept on thinking of her own father.ki4-8

Wang Yu was surprised that Sung Nyang brought Ta Hwan to the beach while the threats were everywhere. He found them at the beach and wanted to scold Sung Nyang for her recklessness. Ta Hwan saved her from being scold. Sung Nyang chose to ride with Ta Hwan on their way back while Wang Yu felt a strange feeling (jealousy?) over their closeness.ki4-9 ki4-10

Wang Yu and Sung Nyang had a drink and a little chat. He asked Sung Nyang to be cautious of the current situation while Sung Nyang requested him to pay more attention to Ta Hwan’s needs.

Ta Hwan suddenly appeared and joined them. He offered to pour Sung Nyang a drink with Wang Yu’s permission. Wang Yu gave his permission but felt bitter inside.ki4-11 ki4-12

Later that night, Sung Nyang came to meet Wang Yu with a seductive smile and poked his chest. He screamed and woke up from his dream while Eunuch Bang and Moo Sung watched from a side with worry. They were worried that he’s falling for Sung Nyang, a man! He threw them out for having that ridiculous thought.ki4-14

In the morning, Ta Hwan was worried that Wang Yu would bring Sung Nyang to the capital but he didn’t. Sung Nyang will continue her mission to safe guard him.ki4-13 ki4-15

Commander Ki started to feel suspicious towards Byung Soo because of his injury. He asked his men to watch him closely but Yuan soldiers dressed like Goryeo soldiers attacked them that night.ki4-16

Sung Nyang finally met again with the man who killed her mother, Dang Ki Seki4-17

In that chaos, Commander Ki ordered Sung Nyang to leave with Ta Hwan in order to protect him. It’s also his last wish as a father to protect his daughter. Before leaving, Sung Nyang cried and called him father for the first and probably be the last time.ki4-18

Sung Nyang and Ta Hwan ran all night until they reached the beach and found a small boat. Unfortuantely, General Baek Ahn managed to catch them and released an arrow which hit Sung Nyang.ki4-19

For the first time, Ta Hwan acted like a king’s material when he said he won’t die easily and he could ascend the throne. He asked Baek Ahn to wait a little until that day arrives. Baek Ahn could feel his resolution and decided to help him escape.ki4-20

Sung Nyang and Ta Hwan returned to the land only to witness Commander Ki being dragged away by Wang Go’s soldier. Sung Yang cried while Ta Hwan watched in silence beside her.ki4-21

AGB Nielsen: Nationwide 14.5% (4th; +1.7) / Seoul 16.6% (3rd; +2.1%)
TNmS: Nationwide 12.7% (6th; +1.0%) / Seoul 15.4% (4th; +.5%)


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