2013 Best Drama : My Choice

Due to my other commitments, I am unable to regularly post on this blog and spazz about my favorite dramas this year.

Before I say hello to 2014, I decided to recall back all my favorite dramas that made me laugh and cry throughout this year. My favorites may not be your favorites but these dramas are among the first came into my mind and keep on linger.

I realized it is not an easy job to choose the best 10 dramas because I have a longer list! After a long thought, these are my final choices:

I Hear Your Voice


Credit to the writer for writing this amazing story. It was an enjoyable ride where you can’t forget.

Lee Jong Seok’s character is undoubtedly lovable. He’s a man of his word, who tried his best to protect the woman he love as promised, the promise that he made when he was 9 years old. However, Lee Bo Young’s character is what I admire the most. Her character is one of a kind in kdramaland. Nothing can break them apart when they were together. This noona-dongsaeng relationship feels so refreshing, undoubtedly the sweetest love story this year.



The story is just so awesome from the start until the end. It was a wild ride of emotions but don’t worry because you will smile when you reach the final destination. Sometimes I hope they can slow down a bit so that I can take a deep breath but actually I don’t want it to finish.

Great acting from all cast that will make you drown in emotions. The sizzling chemistry between the main lead always makes my heart race. Ji Sung’s character who was so mean at one time but so romantic at other time, undoubtedly compelling and Hwang Jung Eum’s sealed it the moment she transfer her pain to you without you realizing it. When revenge turn into love, it must be the greatest love ever.

Good Doctor


This drama will make your heart feel warm inside. The story is straightforward and beautifully written, using courage and love
as the main theme.

The chemistry between Joo Won and Moon Chae Won was very good. Joo Won’s performance as an autistic doctor has no flaws as you can see he’s putting his body and soul into it. Meanwhile Moon Chae Won’s character as a white knight was the reason for your
warm heart. If prejudice can be destroyed with courage and love, this world will be a better place to live.

Two Weeks


This is definitely the best action drama of this year. The story is very engaging with unpredictable plot and relentless pace that made us desperately want to save the hero because it will save our soul as well.

This is truly Lee Jun Ki’s show and he nailed it with solid performance as a runaway father who fought the injustice for the sake of his daughter. His transformation from a loser into a fighter and finally a winner deserves an A+ score. There is nothing more heartwarming than the love from a father to his daughter.

Master’s Sun


Hong Sisters get back their own rhythm with this horror romcom drama. This time they were experimenting with ghost and undoubtedly it was a great success. It will gives you a good laugh but be careful of the ghosts because they will appear out of nowhere without notice.

The chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub were truly fantastic. Their character was like heaven and earth, once it
collide, it will suck you into hilariously mysterious zone but you willing to stuck in there for a long time. This is Hong Sisters’s Style.

That Winter The Wind Blows


This drama had the best team behind it that contribute to its success. It looks like it has a predictable story line because it was an adaptation of Japanese Drama, but it stand out with its own charms. The cinematography was perfect until you feel like you want to enter your tv screen to be on the set.

Every episode is like a time bomb because all of those lies. Every scene is so dense and all emotions are perfectly captured. The explosive chemistry between Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo will melt your heart. This must be the melodrama of the year.

School 2013


What an emotional ride. We never get bored with high school drama because we have experienced it before. The story is straightforward but it still can touch your heart because it felt very close to reality. This drama bring back those bitter sweet

I’m totally hooked with bromance between Lee Jong Seok and Kim Wo Bin which heartbreakingly beautiful. They fight all the time
but actually they care for each other…how sweet!

The Queen of Office


What a brilliant story line. It is an adaptation of Japanese drama which is hysterically hilarious and feel so refreshing.

Kim Hye Soo is the perfect choice for Miss Kim’s character, a temporary worker, who is full of charisma and confidence. Unexpected event always happen every time her character clash with Oh Ji Ho who plays a hot-headed boss and childish mentality.

Gu Family Book


A fantasy saeguk drama that has an engaging story line and interesting plot. Credit to the visual director for creating a visually beautiful world full of magic, mythical creature and legends.

The most adorable couple Lee Seung Gi and Suzy fit into their role very well. Aside from our baby gumiho’s story, the love story of his parents also worth to be mentioned.



The story line and plot was addictive. It was a dangerous ride that you should take only after you prepare for the worst. Honestly, it took me longer time to include this drama into this list because of the ending.

The chemistry between Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin was absolutely awesome. Their sad love story is what makes this drama felt very compelling. We feel bad for what was happen to Yi-So but we also don’t want him to sacrifice his love for his revenge. Despite the ending, this drama was entertaining to watch.

End of my list.

Now, I’m ready to say goodbye to 2013 with one hope that more good dramas will be produced in 2014!


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