KDrama – Emergency Couple

Emergency Couple Poster

Title: Emergency Couple
Also known as: Emergency Man and Woman
Genre: Romcom, Medical Drama
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: tvN
Year: 2014


Oh Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk), a promising medical student from a wealthy and respected medical practitioners family and Oh Jin Hee (Song Jihyo), a dietician, have fallen in love in their early twenties. Their pure love led to a marriage despite strong opposition from Changmin’s family as they think Jinhee is not qualified to be with their son.

Changmin had to quit from medical school and work as a pharmaceutical salesman to support his new family after his family stop all the financial support right after the marriage. After a while, cheerful Jinhee’s turns gloomy and her inferiority complex worsen as her husband’s family continues to look down on her.

They always fight and hurt each other’s feelings which eventually led to their divorce one year later. However, they meet again six years later, in an emergency room, as an intern to become a doctor.


I would say, Emergency Couple is one of the cutest dramas in 2014. The storyline is simple but so engaging and fun.


I love how they develop Jinhee’s character from a loser into a hero. Yes…she is the real hero in this drama. She proves that failure is not an option. She fails in her marriage but she bounce back and move forward. She fails a few times in her medical entrance exam but she tries again until successful. She inspires Changmin to become a good doctor, a better lover and she moves Dr. Chief’s heart. She’s not without flaws but I can just close my eyes because she has done so much. Dr Oh Jin Hee, do you know that are an amazing woman?!

EC-CJYDr. Oh Changmin, he turns from a childish and selfish boy into a reliable and understanding man. He learns from the mistakes…He still has a long way to go but thanks to Jinhee’s charms, he’s on the right track. I love the way he loves his woman…it looks immature to some people but hey, it’s Changmin’s style!

EC-STP3Dr Gook (Chief) and Dr Shim were my favorite pair after our OTP. I wish they had a better ending but I’m sure they will create one by themselves.

What an enjoyable ride for all 21 episodes. Highly recommended if you were looking for lighthearted drama.


Not everyone is blessed with a second chance in his/her lives…so…save it… cherish it if you have one 🙂


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