KDrama – My Love From The Star

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Title: My Love From the Star
Also known as: You Who Came from the Stars, Man from Another Star
Genre: Romcom, Melodrama, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 21
Broadcast Network: SBS
Year: 2014


The story of an alien who lives over four centuries on earth, falls in love with a woman when he’s about to leave the earth in three months.

Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) is every woman’s dream man, except that he’s not human. He misses his trip back to his planet 400 years ago, as he tries to help a young girl, Yi Hwa, from being killed by her in laws. However, that girl died by an arrow in order to save him.

He had to change his identity every ten years because his human appearances never ages. He possesses special abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. Based on his vast experience living among human, he holds a cynical view to human beings. He lives a quiet live as a college professor, counting days to go back to his planet.

Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun) is a top actress and biggest hallyu star in Korea. She moves in next door to Minjoon’s apartment and attending one of his classes. She became a star in her teens and never learned how to live a normal live. She loves attention and chooses to be ignorant simply to gain affection from people around her.

Songyi believes that she is every man’s ideal type, until she meets her cold neighbour, Do Minjoon. Meanwhile, Minjoon soon realizes that, Songyi exactly resembles the girl he loved 400 years ago.

As they develop feeling for each other, Minjoon will be leaving soon but will Songyi allow it to happen?


I believe this drama is a strong contender for drama of the year 2014. Sci-fi and fantasy is a popular genre in dramaland these days, and it has the best cast and the best ratings to begin with.

star-snow kiss

The storyline is brilliant even though it’s not technically perfect…Well, may be it’s hard to provide a logical and reasonable answer for all mysterious plot that happen in this drama, so the writer chooses to leave it as it is. Still, it’s the skill that yet to be mastered by the writers of this genre of dramas, and it creates noticeable holes for those who care.

Apart from that, I truly enjoy this drama. I’ve set my expectation high and it was paid off with a solid performance from all cast and engaging storyline.

star-jjhJun Ji Hyun’s drama comeback with “My Love from the Star” is the main reason for me to watch this show. Honestly, I never watched any of her drama before, except a few of her films, but she proves that she deserves to be in A-list star with her outstanding acting skills.


I can’t picture any other actress to play diva-like character “Songyi”, better than Jun Ji Hyun. Her on-screen chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun was also very good. This noona-dongsaeng pairing flutters everyone’s heart.

Star-KSHKim Soo Hyun, this young man really has good eyes! He once again chooses a good project and nailed it down. His acting skills becomes better and better and he always committed in his job, I’m happy with that.

So, this drama touches me on the right spot. It gives me variety of feelings and I think, the message of living life to the fullest is fully delivered and it warms my heart.



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2 Responses to KDrama – My Love From The Star

  1. judy anne says:

    Very amazing

  2. Renz Shaira Picardal says:

    Love love love! Perfect :* Im your #1 Fan ❤

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